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Heated Towel Rails

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Traditionally, bathrooms have been heated with the same style of radiators used in the rest of the house. But, in recent years, heated towel rails have overtaken the radiator to become the most fashionable way to heat your bathroom, and of course, they bring an extra special touch of luxury to it.

Over the years, it’s become apparent that bathroom radiators can serve a dual purpose, existing not only to keep the bathroom warm and cosy but also to heat and dry towels. After all, who doesn’t want to wrap up in a towel that’s dry and toasty warm, as soon as they step out of the shower?

With the realisation that a bathroom radiator could be used to heat towels as well as warming the room itself, (and designed accordingly), the heated towel rail was born.

Today, there are a plethora of heated towel rails available, from ultra-modern and sleek models to traditional designs with column radiator inserts.

So, what kind of heated towel rails will you find at

About our heated towel rails

As specialists in all things bathroom, has a wide and varied range of heated towel rails which will enhance not only the look but also the feel of your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. Our heated towel rails are divided into five collections: ladder style, electric, traditional, designer and bar-on-bar. A valves and accessories department completes the heated towel rail range.

Our designer collection is ideal for use with modern and contemporary bathrooms, or if your bathroom needs updating and refreshing. It features sleek and minimalist flat panel designs, alongside intricate and exciting designs such as the Kudox looped heated towel rail. No matter which style you go for, you can be sure it has a stunning finish to highlight its great looks and protect the radiator surface. Our heated towel rails come in chrome, white and anthracite, so you can choose a finish which best suits the look you are trying to achieve.

For traditional bathrooms, why not choose a towel radiator which complements this classic and charming look? We have a beautiful collection of just this kind of towel rail. Our traditional heated towel rails come in both radiator insert designs and more minimalist models. Paying great attention to detail, our traditional heated towel rails come with many period features, such as ball joints and a chrome finish.

For a more simple, understated and versatile heated towel rail, choose one of many models from our bar-on-bar and ladder style collections, which are packed full of attractive heated towel rails which will complement bathrooms of any style. Create a classic look with a chrome finish or a fresh and modern look with a white finish.

We even stock a stylish range of electric heated towel rails for homes without gas central heating or for those occasions when you want to keep the bathroom and towels warm and cosy, without heating the rest of the house. Our electric heated towel rails are efficient as well as attractive, with great BTU/Watt outputs across the range.

What should I look for in a heated towel rail?

A high quality heated towel rail will be made using the best materials for the job, so that it is really hard-wearing. At, all our heated towel rails are made using the highest quality steel, which has a thickness of 1.5mm; superior to that of our competitors. With such fantastic materials at our disposal, you can be confident that any heated towel rail purchased from is a quality product which is durable, robust and resilient.

A good heated towel rail will always have a solid heat output rate (which is measured in BTUs), relative to its size. That said, if your bathroom is small, there’s no need to buy a heated towel rail with a higher BTU output than necessary. BTU calculators can be found online, and can help you decide what heat output you need. At, all our heated towel rails have great BTU rates which will heat your bathroom and towels really quickly and efficiently, creating a cosy and snug environment you want to relax and spend time in.

Can heated towel rails be used in rooms other than the bathroom?

Yes! A heated towel rail isn’t just for use in the bathroom! They can be a great way to heat the kitchen too, as they are often space-saving by design which is an advantage when wall space is taken up by kitchen units. They’re also a good option for this room, as they can be used to dry tea towels and clothes after washing.

Heated towel rails are a fantastic choice for downstairs cloakrooms and en-suites, when a full size radiator is too big. Heated towel rails come in a wide range of dimensions, with some models as small as 600mm x 400mm.

No matter what kind of heated towel rail you need, you’re sure to find it at We offer outstanding value for money, because our products are affordable yet high-quality. We pride ourselves on supplying only the best bathroom and heating products to our customers, but we supply them at a price that is accessible, so quality is available to everyone.

With CheapSuites extensive range of heated towel rails you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to purchase. With a choice of bar on bar, ladder style and fabulous designer rails we are sure to have the towel rail you need and best of all they are built to last and won't break the bank.

In what has become the modern way of heating your bathroom or en-suite, our efficient and attractive towel rails will complement the look of your modern bathroom and ensure that your towels remain warm and dry all year round.

All of CheapSuites heated towel rails offer fabulous value for money, superb heat output and undeniable good looks. With a convenient range of sizes and designs, our beautiful and affordable heated towel rails will help to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

Doing much the same as standard radiators do, the genius of a heated towel rail is it's practicality, and as well as heating the bathroom they can be used in the kitchen - where space is often at a premium - as a handy and neat addition, that will keep your hand towels close by and dry.

Take a look at our wonderful collection and take home a superb heated towel rail at an affordable price.