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Revamp Your Bathroom For Summer - Up To 70% Off


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Radiators and central heating have become an essential feature of any home. At the flick of a switch, we can enjoy warmth and comfort in every room. Of course, we take this for granted, but in the not so distant past this was pure fantasy!

Over the years, the humble radiator has changed and evolved to become a sophisticated and stylish example of home engineering. Today, we’re spoiled for choice by the vast array of radiators available to us, which are as stylish as they are practical and efficient.

Designer radiators are the new generation of home heating. Increasingly replacing the traditional convector radiator, a designer radiator offers a more inspiring, contemporary and individual heating option which can enhance the look, as well as the feel of your living space.

At, you’ll find a huge selection of radiators- including both designer and traditional- which strike the perfect balance between style and substance! Not just for the bathroom, a radiator can be used all over the home, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room; and of course, in the bathroom should you wish!

Traditionally, the average household radiator has kicked out a good amount of heat, but has done nothing to enhance the look of a room. In fact, standard convector radiators can be downright unsightly at times, particularly if they are older models. If you’ve worked hard to create a stylish and attractive living space, the addition of an unsightly radiator can sometimes detract from the décor.

Choosing a designer radiator solves this problem. Not only do designer radiators perform efficiently, they also become an attractive feature of your living space, enhancing or even transforming the look of a room. is home to a huge choice of stunning designer radiators, and there are many benefits to installing one of these modern heaters…

Why choose a designer radiator?

While the term ‘designer’ may suggest modern or contemporary, it can actually be applied to a wide and varied range of radiator styles, including more traditional designs and heated towel rails.

A designer radiator is a radiator which has a design which is different in some way than a standard convector radiator. It can be vertical or horizontal, single or double panel, but it will feature columns, panels, tubes, bars or similar to provide the heat output and ensure the radiator is not just efficient but also a really attractive addition to the home.

Designer radiators usually come in a choice of finishes too, unlike convector radiators which come in white or…white! Popular finishes include anthracite, silver and high-gloss black, as well as the classic white option.

At we have designer radiators in all these styles and finishes, so you know you’ve got your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashionable home heating. Our designer radiators are also available in a choice of sizes, from compact to large, so you can own a fantastically stylish radiator no matter what the size of the room you’re heating.

Are designer radiators reliable?

Yes, absolutely! Designer radiators are prettier than their convector counterparts, but that’s not to say they aren’t robust and reliable! You’ll find designer radiators are usually made from steel or aluminium, which are hard-wearing metals. Most come with a powder coat finish too, so the surface of your radiator is resilient and protected.

Every radiator is made from the highest quality, 1.5mm thick steel or lightweight metal alloy, to ensure it has outstanding durability!

Which style of designer radiator is right for me?

If your home (or the room you want to heat) is modern, then you’ll be spoiled for choice by the huge choice of contemporary designs we have available. Choose from sleek and straight, tubular or wave designs and a great choice of finishes to perfectly complete the style you’ve chosen. As well as fresh and timeless white (which is ideal for bathroom radiators), our designer radiators come in sensational silver, incredible anthracite and dazzling high-gloss black finishes. Our high-quality finishes don’t just look great; they also help protect the radiator surface, so you can be confident your new radiator will keep its special looks for years to come.

Just as radiators have evolved in looks, their heat output capabilities have also improved thanks to advancements in heating technology. Today’s designer radiators boast enviable heat output rates (which are measured in British Thermal Units), to heat your home more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

At, every designer radiator in our collection has a superb BTU rate that will efficiently achieve the room temperature you want, and keep your space cosy and comfortable. No matter how large or small the room you need to heat, there is a designer radiator in the range that will suit your needs.

If you own a traditional property, or have opted for this kind of interior in your house, then a traditional column radiator is a great option.

These radiators allow you to enjoy the substantial heat output of a twenty-first century radiator while creating an authentic, traditional look in your space.

Column radiators as we recognise them today first rose to popularity in the Victorian era, when cast-iron column designs included intricate etchings and detail.

Today, column radiators are a much simpler affair, but they can still be used to heat traditional homes and interiors where a modern radiator simply wouldn’t look right.

At, you’ll discover a great choice of traditional column radiators which can be used in any part of the home from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen and living room.

Why choose a column radiator?

These column radiators are ideal for any home which has a traditional look and feel, in which you want to continue that into every aspect of the home.

If you live in an older property and want the history of your house to be reflected in the décor, or even if it’s just one room which has been decorated in a traditional style, a column radiator is the perfect way to continue the traditional look in every aspect of your living space.

Column radiators don’t just create a classic look in your home; their functional and efficient column design facilitates exceptional heat output too. Every column radiator in the collection provides you with exceptional heat output at an effective and efficient rate, so you can be confident that, no matter what the size of the room you’re heating, it will be warm and comfortable in very little time.

To suit the needs of your home, our traditional column radiators come in a wide variety of sizes from large to compact, and a choice of vertical and horizontal settings. If high heat output is a priority, our double column models can’t fail but deliver this, right to heart of your room.

All radiators are covered by great guarantees which reflect the quality of manufacture.

What makes column radiators different? is home to wide range of traditional column radiators at really affordable prices, so you can bring an added touch of traditional style to your home at little cost.

All traditional column radiators are made using the highest quality steel which is 1.5mm thick. This is a superior thickness to many of our competitors, and ensures your radiator is durable and hard-wearing.

My home is modern but I love column radiators. Would it look ok?

If you love the look of traditional column radiators but want a more modern version of this heating classic, then why not consider a column radiator with a contemporary twist? At, we stock a wide range of traditional column radiators with a truly sensational and modern finish of high-gloss black, so you can enjoy the best of both classic and contemporary radiator design.

Not only does the radiator collection look sensational, our radiators also come with great guarantees which means you can shop with total confidence.

With so many great radiators to choose from at fantastic prices, there really is no better place to buy your radiator, than

With a superb collection of radiators for you to choose from you can be sure to find one to perfectly suit the style of your home. Discover a fantastic range of tall, vertical radiators, horizontal radiators and traditional column radiators all at affordable prices.

Regardless of the size, shape, dimension or decor of the room you want to heat, we can provide you with all the answers you'll need at the best prices around.

If you have an eye for fresh and innovative designs why not browse through our huge selection of fabulously ostentatious designer radiators. Or if you are more of a traditionalist at heart, take your pick from our outstanding range of beautiful energy-efficient column radiators. All are available in sizes and shapes that can fit in the tightest of spaces.

Throughout our fantastic range you will find a huge variety of finishes and styles. From dazzling chrome and bright white radiators to beautiful black gloss column radiators, you are sure to find the solution to suit your style and budget.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at CheapSuites beautiful range of radiators, and improve your central heating system today!

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