A Guide to Cloakroom Furniture

Your cloakroom suite will most likely be the smallest room in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a very sleek, clutter free space.

Cloakroom furniture has become increasingly popular for those who are creating or updating a cloakroom suite, and there are now more compact and stylish designs around than ever before, which have been specifically designed for small spaces.

Compact vanity units

Small vanity units, which feature a neat, slim line design are perfect for cloakroom suites. They are ideal for keeping spare loo roll and toiletries away out of sight for a more streamlined space.

Wall mounted vanity units

Wall mounted vanity units are great for maximising floor space, making them ideal for small space. A wall mounted vanity unit makes cleaning the floor much easier too.

Corner vanity units

If your cloakroom suite has an awkward shape opt for a corner vanity unit to help you make the most of what could otherwise be wasted space. The CheapSuites.co.uk white gloss corner vanity unit and basin will fit perfectly into the corner of your cloakroom and has plenty of space for your toiletries too.

Back to wall furniture packs

For a coordinated look to your cloakroom suite a back to wall furniture pack is ideal. The CheapSuites.co.uk 900mm furniture pack includes a compact vanity unit and basin, which has plenty of space for toiletries. It also comes complete with a modern back to wall toilet, which helps to create a more minimal look as the cistern is concealed in the cistern base unit. The space above the base unit can be used for extra storage or displaying decorative objects.


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