Bathroom Furnishings

bathroom mirror cupboardStorage is becoming a more and more important part of any bathroom; this is obviously a room where clutter is unwelcome and hygiene important. Storage solutions offered by bathroom furniture therefore become highly desirable. Whilst many storage items tend to be placed around the washing area, it is also common for there to be secondary pieces around the toilet for holding toilet paper and cleaning products. In addition there may be fixtures around the bath to hold soap and shower gels etc.

Bathroom furniture has to be specially designed and treated to withstand the unique environment that a bathroom creates. The heat and humidity that can be generated means that wood has to be speacially treated, alternatively materials such as glass and chrome plated metal are used instead. Bathrooms are not always the biggest rooms in a house, so a degree of creativity must be used when trying to create space to store all the various toiletries and cleaning materials that might need to be contained within the room. Fortunately there are numerous bathroom units available nowadays that help solve such problems.

bathroom shelf unitFitted bathroom cupboards and cabinets can help reduce the space taken up for storage. Shelves and niches can be used to provide even more space, whilst one should also think about the possiblity of using the space beneath the sink. In most instances the space here is rarely used, but can provide an additional space for storage. In small rooms, a multitude of small shelves for shampoos, deodorants and aftershaves can be effective, whilst a towel rail can help make efficient use of any spare wall or floor space.