Baths or Showers, Which do you Prefer?

If you’re finding it difficult to decide if you would prefer a bath or a shower enclosure in your new bathroom a good idea is to have a think about your requirements, how many of you use the space and decide if a bath or a shower is more important.


  • Washing your kids is far easier to do than in a shower, think about choosing a double-ended design so you can put a child at each end without the baths getting in the way.
  • Choosing a whirlpool bath will create that spa-like feel and helps to ease aches and pains.
  • A bath uses a lot more than having a quick shower does, which isn’t great for your water bills ot the environment.
  • Baths can take up a lot more space than a shower enclosure, look at space savings baths to help you make the most of the available room.
  • Young children or the elderly can slip easily in the bath when getting in or out, ensuring that you opt for a bath with an anti-slip surface is the best solution.

Shower enclosures

  • Having a shower provides a really quick and convenient way to get ready, especially on those busy weekday mornings, and a shower can use less water than a bath does, which will help you to reduce your water bills and help you to be more environmentally friendly.
  • A shower enclosure doesn’t require as much space as a bath, and is the ideal choice for a small bathroom, this could allow you to install a larger sink or an item of bathroom furniture. Planning your new bathroom around the shower enclosure is a good idea.
  • Shower enclosures are available in a much wider choice of styles and sizes than baths are, allowing you to find a more suitable fit for a small bathroom.
  • A shower enclosure doesn’t provide the ideal way to wash young children and a shower is more difficult for them to use.
  • After a long day you may wish for a long, relaxing soak to ease away your stresses and you may find that having a shower is not as relaxing.


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