Budget Bathrooms

cheap bathroom suiteWhen planning a bathroom within a limited budget, there are still many things that you can do to achieve a fantastic result. Make sure you plan out carefully the budget you have available, and deduct the cost of any labour from your total. When thinking about a redesign, the position of your current suite will have an impact on the cost of the project, as it will be much cheaper for you to have your fixtures installed in the same positions as the old ones. In this way there is little need to drastically change any of the plumbing within the room. Whilst a bath or a shower can be changed with relatively little expense, you should try as far as possible to maintain the position of the toilet, as the soil stack pipe is a much more difficult installation to move. Older fittings can usually be replaced with a basic knowledge of plumbing, and changing them will vastly improve the look of your pottery and sanitary ware. For instance, many toilets are compatible with a number of seats, and so you may be able to achieve the effect of updating an existing toilet by simply replacing the seat.

budget bathroom suiteA separate shower enclosure may be out of your budget, but a shower need not be. You can purchase a bath/shower mixer for your bath that will fit into the existing brassware holes, and allow you to effectively combine your bath and shower. Make sure to install a protective screen or shower curtain in order to prevent splashing on the floor. You may also need to check that you have sufficient water pressure to ensure a satisfactory showering experience.

low cost bathroom suiteA simple room can be brightened up with some inexpensive choices of colours and alterations. If you already have adequate storage, then perhaps look into simply changing the doors and countertops to offer something different. Similarly, while patterned tiling may be expensive, there are many accessories that can be purchased and utilised to bring a dash of colour to your bathroom.