Buyer’s Guide to Shower Heads

If you’re confused by the choice of shower heads and fittings that are available, then make sure to check out this handy buyer’s guide to help you find your perfect shower.

Fixed shower head or hand held?

The bathroom is no longer just about the bath, basin and toilet, there’s an ever increasing trend for wet rooms and shower rooms, which means the range of shower fittings on the market has quickly developed.

Shower heads fit into two main categories including fixed head or hand held, and each one has its pros and cons.

Available in an array of sizes and designs, fixed shower heads are fitted to the wall or ceiling with an arm. A fixed shower head provides a great way to create a contemporary look to your bathroom, and as the spray is in a fixed position, you won’t have to worry about accidentally soaking the rest of the bathroom.

The only downside to a fixed shower head is that you won’t be able to rinse around the shower enclosure when cleaning. They can also be costly to install and repair as the pipework is hidden in the wall.

Attached to a flexible hose, hand held shower heads can either be slotted into a bracket that’s fitted to the wall or on a slide rail, which allows you to easily adjust the height of the shower head. Hand held shower heads are available in a range of designs, and some incorporate various spray patterns.

One of the main advantages of a hand held shower is that you can simply remove it from the holder allowing for much easier cleaning and rinsing. Although a hand held shower doesn’t look as sleek as a fixed head, it will make a practical addition to your bathroom.

Showering styles

Rose shower heads provide a stylish option, and feature lots of small holes that create a raindrop spray pattern; perfect for those who prefer a gentle, refreshing shower.

Multifunction shower heads are ideal if you want to be able to alter the pattern of the spray. With a multifunction head just simply twist the head to change the spray pattern to something more invigorating or gentler to suit your mood.

Ceiling heads are similar to a rose shower head, but they require more water pressure to ensure the best performance. More complicated to install, a ceiling shower head is an ideal choice for a wet room.

In addition to your shower head you may want to opt for body jets to enhance your showering experience further. Usually installed in groups of four or six, body jets provide a massage effect to help ease those aches and pains.

Water systems

Before buying a shower head it’s best to check which type of water system you have, as not all systems are compatible with every type of shower head. Gravity-fed and combi-boilers work best with multifunction or single mode shower heads, but mains pressure systems work well with all shower heads. For more info on water systems check out this handy guide.

Spray options

Raindrop sprays provide a gentle effect with large water droplets, while a jet spray gives an invigorating stream. There are also mist spray effects, and champagne sprays for a more relaxing experience.


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