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30 Bathroom Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Every now and again, a friend comes over and tells you this really strange hack that actually works: ‘When you’re cooking, put the wooden spoon in the hole of the pan handle’ ‘Place a rubber band around an open tin

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Top 10 Shower Songs You Should Be Singing This December

shower head with LED lights

Have you ever experienced it, when you’re having a bath/shower, minding your own business, submerging yourself in another world, daydreaming about winning the lottery when all of a sudden you hear a grotesque singing noise? This monstrous, screeching, shrieking, shrill

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Halloween Bathroom: Your Essential Howl-To


So you want to decorate your bathroom for Halloween? Maybe it’s for the kids or you’re throwing a party. Heck, you might even be doing it to give yourself a fright-night! While we always remember to decorate the garden and living

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Seven Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to save water in the bathroom, from switching the tap off when brushing your teeth to having a shower instead of a bath, so follow these tips to save money and energy. Saving water in

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Essential Guide to Bathroom Lighting

Even though the bathroom is the smallest room in your home, the lighting still requires careful consideration and attention to detail. As with other rooms around your home, the bathroom needs a mixture of task, mood and feature lighting to

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Enhance your Bathroom with Heating and Lighting

Bathroom lighting is essential for not only creating an inviting atmosphere, but it also needs to be bright enough for when you’re getting ready on those busy weekday mornings.

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How to Unblock a Sink

It can be costly to call in a plumber to tackle the jobs that you can easily do yourself, and unblocking a sink is just one job that you can learn how to do. So, to help you out and

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Buyer’s Guide to Bathroom Tiles

From ceramic to stone and glass, bathroom tiles provide the perfect way to inject colour and texture into your bathroom so you can easily create a look you’ll love. We have created this handy buyer’s guide to help you choose

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Five Top Tips for Accessorising the Bathroom

From storage to towels and taps, the right style of accessories can really enhance the look of your bathroom and make it a more functional space too. So, make sure to check out our five top tips for accessorising the

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Buyer’s Guide to Bathroom Towels

New towels provide an easy and affordable way in which to update your bathroom, but there are just a few things that you should take into consideration first before buying new bathroom towels.

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