For me, Christmas means one thing and one thing only – Mince Pies!

Forget your tree, your Christmas cheer, your presents and your lavish roast dinner, the one thing that pleases me more than any of those things is a scrumptious mince pie with clotted cream or custard – or maybe even both.


But I have to be honest with you, I never buy them ready-made from the shop – I make them myself, like the mince pie boss that I am!

That said, I don’t have a recipe of my own, my parents always got the shop bought ones (which is why I rebelled), but there are plenty of fine recipes out there in the inter-ether and I’ve put together a selection of them below.

So let’s get mincing!

Mince Pie Perfection!

The traditional mince pie is a great way to kick off your Christmas celebrations – a fabulous seasonal pudding that never fails to disappoint.

So here are my top 5 mince pie recipes to help you get into the festive spirit and get your calorific celebrations underway.

1 – Unbelievably Easy Mince Pies

unbelivably easy minceGreat for the less experienced baker and perfect for trying out with the kids, this recipe from the BBC Good Food website has simplicity written all over it.

You can throw though dough around and let the kids loose on it and the pies still come out all nice and crisp and crumbly; get them smashed with some custard ASAP.


2 – Star Topped Mince Pies

star minceThough I am not really a mad fan of Nigella Lawson’s most of the time, the lady knows exactly where it’s at when it comes to pies of the mince variety.
These pies are small and – according to the sultry chef herself – designed to be “popped straight into the mouth in one go.”
The stars on top give them a nice festive finish and having made these a few times, I can safely say that they are the lightest most succulent pies in this list (sorry to everyone else for that).

3 – Traditional Mince Pies

delias minceDelia may be a little cray-cray (just watch her go bananas at this Norwich game), but she does make a mean mince pie.

This little gem comes from the back catalogue of recipes that she has picked up over the years – a traditional family favourite according to the self-styled ‘queen of cooking’.


4 – Raw Vegan Mince Pies

Raw-Vegan-Christmas-Mince-PiesNo offence but I normally avoid vegan food like the plague, but with mince pies I make an exception.

Don’t be worried about the ‘raw’ element, the soft, crumbly texture of these unusual pies is based on a combination of coconut flour and cashew nuts and with maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg hiding under the coconut butter icing, there is no reason to not put as many as you can in your mouth at once!

5 – Frangipane Mince Pies

Frangipane piesNo list of recipes would be complete without an entry from the matriarch of the British Bake Off kitchen, Mary Berry.

This is a twist on the classic mince pie and one that I have to say is surprisingly good.

I’m not the biggest fan of almonds or apricots, but the texture, taste and look of these mince pies are second to none and after the entry from Nigella, they are probably my favourite pie.


Remember that no mince pie is complete without lashings of custard and cream and plenty of booze too (unless you’re tee-total) and that’s it, you’re good to go.

Fill your boots and your gob with these stunning recipes.

Put a smile on the faces of all your family and friends and get mincing it up this Christmas with some pies of the highest order.


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