Country Style Bathrooms – Six Design Ideas

Country style bathrooms are all about creating a relaxed, laid-back look and feel, and a space where you can truly relax after a long day. In this blog we share six country style bathroom ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Create a focal point

Country style bathrooms aren’t complete without a traditional roll top freestanding bath. Providing the perfect way to ease away the stresses of the day, a roll top bath will create a stunning focal point in any country bathroom. Combine with old-fashioned taps and a bath rack for a touch of nostalgia.

Panelled walls

A fab country style bathroom idea, panelled walls can add depth and interest to the space, while creating a laid-back vibe. Paint them a soft neutral cream, and for added impact use the same colour on wooden accessories, such as peg rails and mirror frames. It’s a good idea to extend the colour to the radiator and pipework to ensure a streamlined look to your bathroom.

Mix and match styles

Country style bathrooms aren’t just restricted to a traditional theme. For a quirky and individual look why not mix and match styles? You could fit a modern freestanding bath and combine with a traditional basin, toilet and taps for example, or mix a rustic antique table with contemporary countertop basins to add character.

If your bathroom has old-fashioned items such as a fireplace, they can be brought right up-to-date with modern lighting, furniture and textiles.

For those who have a spacious bathroom, don’t hold back on making the most of it. If budget does allow, double up on fixtures such as lamps, mirrors and basins wherever possible so the space is more comfortable to use. Oversized mirrors are perfect for large country bathrooms; for maximum reflection fit centrally within the room.

Calming colour scheme

White neutrals are a classic option for country bathrooms, and colour can easily be added to add extra depth. Accessories and towels in cornflower blue and turquoise really stand out against a white backdrop. Pastel shades and neutral colours also enhance a sense of calm.

Add character

Image source: bobvila.com

Wallpaper, especially with a pictorial pattern such as toile, is a great way add character to a country bathroom. It’s not always an obvious choice, but the pattern is worth considering. Toile patterned wallpaper can be used to create a feature wall, or combined with dado height wall panelling that’s painted in the same colour for wow factor.

Natural materials

Helping to create a sense of calm, natural materials are a key element in a country bathroom. A limestone floor looks smart and stylish, while furniture in a wood finish such as oak or walnut adds a touch of luxury.

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