Create a Spa-Style Retreat with a Freestanding Bath

Bathrooms with freestanding baths are the perfect choice for creating a spa-style retreat in your own home, and will be a place where you can escape to after a long day.

Bathroom suites with a freestanding bath create a feeling of luxury and elegance, and they can be designed to reflect a modern or a more traditional style.

When creating a new bathroom suite have a look at the existing style of your home and design your bathroom around this concept. Freestanding baths are available in both traditional and more contemporary designs so you can create the exact look that you require.

If you have a spacious bathroom think about installing the freestanding bath in the centre of the room, this will create am eye-catching feature and add wow factor. Alternatively if you have a smaller bathroom a freestanding bath will look just as good positioned against the wall, which still provides a very stylish look.

Roll top freestanding baths have a double or single ended design, and come in two lengths including 1700mm and 1500mm, which is great for the smaller bathroom. For a touch of old-fashioned glamour, slipper baths are perfect. Slipper baths feature one end which is at a higher level than the other with the bath taps located at the lower end. This style of freestanding bath has exposed pipework, so take care if there are young children around.

Contemporary freestanding baths feature a variety of shapes including angular and more rounded, which look great in a modern bathroom. A contemporary freestanding bath is the perfect choice for creating a spa-like feel and provides a relaxing soak. A good idea is to include some storage in your bathroom so you can create a neat, organised space and keep toiletries stored away.

Choosing the right style of taps for your bathroom makes a huge difference, and helps to bring the look together. A modern freestanding bath positioned against the wall looks ultra-chic with wall-mounted bath taps, and provides a neat finish.

If you have installed the freestanding bath in the centre of the bathroom think about choosing floor-mounted bath taps for a stunning focal point. For a more traditional look opt for taps with a crosshead design and a traditional bath shower mixer to tie the look together.


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