Enhance your Bathroom with Heating and Lighting

Bathroom lighting is essential for not only creating an inviting atmosphere, but it also needs to be bright enough for when you’re getting ready on those busy weekday mornings.

As well as lighting, heating is also an important part of your bathroom design, especially throughout the winter months, and nobody wants to get ready in the cold!

Here we share our top tips on how to enhance your bathroom with heating and lighting…

Bathroom lighting

Lighting in the bathroom needs to be strongest where you need it the most, so for example around the mirror area where you shave or apply your make-up. Fitting an illuminated bathroom mirror or cabinet provides a great way to incorporate lighting where it’s most needed.

The main ceiling lighting is used for all-over illumination, and to add atmosphere to the bathroom. Spotlights are a popular choice for modern bathrooms, and some have the option of pointing them at different angles, which helps to highlight the main areas in the bathroom.

Why not fit a dimmer switch so you can create a relaxing ambiance while soaking in the bath?

Bathroom heating

There’s nothing worse than standing and shivering on a cold winter morning waiting for the shower to warm up, so ensuring your bathroom has a source of heat is essential for creating a warm and inviting space. Bathroom heating options include radiators, heated towel rails and underfloor heating.

Heating your bathroom also helps to reduce humidity levels by evaporating the moisture, which in turn prevents mould from growing.

Designer radiators

Available in an array of styles, sizes and finishes, designer radiators provide the perfect way to add a touch of contemporary style to any bathroom or en-suite. If you’re short on wall space, opt for a vertical designer radiator.

Designer radiators work off your central heating system in the exact same way as a standard radiator, so your bathroom won’t feel as warm when the heating is switched off.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are a very popular choice for those who are refurbishing or updating the look of their bathroom, and they’re available in an impressive choice of sizes, designs and finishes so you can easily create a coordinated look.

A heated towel rail provides the perfect solution for keeping your bathroom towels warm and dry, and what feels better than grabbing a toasty towel after a bath or shower?

Although ideal for replacing an old radiator, you may still need an extra heat source in addition to your heated towel rail such as underfloor heating to ensure your bathroom is kept warmer during winter.

Plumbed heated towel rails operate off the central heating system, so towels won’t dry as fast when it’s turned off in summer. There are electric heated towel rails available, which means you can enjoy warm, dry towels all year round.

Underfloor heating

Nothing feels better than stepping onto a warm bathroom floor, especially when it’s freezing outside. Underfloor heating also provides heat throughout the rest of the bathroom; there are two main types of underfloor heating available; water flowing through pipes, which works off your central heating system, or from electrical heating cables.

Underfloor heating is well worth investing in if you have the budget.


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