If you’re planning a bathroom makeover, make sure to check out this handy guide to the latest bathroom trends for 2014. Regardless of your space or budget, planning your stylish new bathroom scheme is not as daunting as you may think.

Bold colour

bathroom colour schemes

If you love bold colour, then this 2014 bathroom trend is perfect! Colour doesn’t have to be restricted to towels and bath mats, instead be extra daring and create a vibrant new look by painting the walls and floors in a matching colour, and then extend it to the accessories and furniture for added impact. For a more dramatic effect opt for a bright colour such as lime green or orange, but keep the ceiling white to create depth.


2014 bathroom trends

The bathroom is no longer a space to just wash and get ready for the day ahead or a night out, it’s now a spa-like place where you can really relax and leave the stresses of the day behind. The 2014 trend for bathrooms will incorporate furniture, décor and accessories that are usually seen in a living room or bedroom, but will be blended with the bathroom for total comfort.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be uninviting and clinical, and this new look is all about comfort and colour, which will transform any bathroom. Why not introduce an arm chair and cushions, as well as decorative items such as vases and fluffy rugs for a bathroom that you can chill out in? For a more inviting space why not opt for coloured storage units, or paint your existing ones for an individual look?


coastal theme bathroom

Image source: derringhall.com

Think beach hut or surf shack for a 2014 take on a coastal inspired theme to your bathroom. With some clever decorating ideas that don’t have to cost a fortune you can easily transform your bathroom. Walls can be cladded with white-washed wooden boards or even tongue-and-groove panelling, and paint the floorboards white too. The beach look can be completed with shabby-chic storage units that are painted white, stripy bath mat and towels, as well as white wicker accessories.

Dip-dyed bathroom accessories

dip dyed accessories

Image source: uktv.co.uk

A really simple and affordable way in which to instantly update your bathroom is to introduce some chic, dip-dyed accessories.

All the rage for 2014, this new bathroom accessory trend will breathe a new lease of life into a tired bathroom. Keep an eye out for both ceramic and wicker items, which have been dipped in paint or ink, so they are half plain and half coloured. For a cool, modern look opt for blue, white and natural colours.