GIVEAWAY: iDuck Bathroom Radio and Speakers

Here, at CheapSuites, we love nothing more than an exciting and exhilarating bathing (or showering) experience and that’s why we’ve decided to give you lovely readers the same.

If bath-time is getting a little boring then look no further because we are here to help!

We are giving away this really cool iDuck bathroom radio and speakers worth £23.99 from iDuck is the ultimate accessory for when you want to belt out a few power ballads. It’s completely waterproof and the wireless speakers mean you can play your own music from your mobile phone, CD player or even MP3. If you get sick of your own songs though, it also has a built in bathroom radio.

iduck bathroom radio

You’d be quackers to miss out on a prize like this!

Shaped just like your old bathing buddy – the yellow duck comes complete with all the controls you need without having to wing it out of the bath. You can switch between MP3 and radio seamlessly as well as adjusting the volume or simply resetting it, all from the comfort of your own…bubbles.

wireless bathroom radio

All you need to do is plug your music device into the transmitter egg using the cable supplied and it’ll all go swimmingly. No ruffling of feathers required.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is waddle you do when you get out of the bath!

wireless radio speaker


Perfect for children and adults alike, all you need to do in order to be in with a chance of winning this bill-iant prize is leave a comment in the Rafflecopter widget below, answering one simple question.

We want to know, which do you prefer… A bath or a shower?

There are no right or wrong answers here. It really is as simple as that. When it comes to choosing the winner, we’ll pick a name at random and the competition closes at the end of March. Don’t duck and dive, enter today!




To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

  1. Complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entry. One mandatory question will appear (Bath or Shower) which you will need to answer in the box provided.
  2. For extra entries into the competition, answer the bonus questions on the Rafflecopter. So, if you follow CheapSuites on Twitter or visit our Facebook page you could earn yourself extra entries into this draw.
  3. To increase your chances of winning, you can return daily and do it all over again!
  4. Entries are by comment, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Closing date: 31st March 2015.


For more information on how to enter blog giveaways using Rafflecopter, please watch this video.


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Entries must be received by Tuesday 31st March 2015.

Open to UK residents aged 18 or over, excluding employees of the promoter, the sponsor, their families and anyone else professionally connected with this promotion.

The winner will be chosen by random and contacted by email.

The winner should respond within 7 days of being contacted. If no response is received CheapSuites will choose another winner.

The prize will be sent once the winner has responded.

CheapSuites decision is final.

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90 comments on “GIVEAWAY: iDuck Bathroom Radio and Speakers
  1. elaine dale says:

    shower as don’t have a choice, bathroom very small so no room for a bath

  2. tiggerific1973 says:

    I prefer to wallow in a hot bubble bath, I find it more relaxing and I also feel much cleaner 🙂

  3. Paula Barker says:


  4. iain says:

    i would like to make this my yellow friend!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love a bubbly bath!

  6. Tracey Peach says:

    I Prefer a Shower xxx

  7. Siobhan Davis says:

    Would love to be considered. Great Giveaway x

  8. Julie Ward says:

    Bath, chance to chill out

  9. Sonia shrive says:

    Shower all the ducking way x

  10. Caroline Clarke says:

    I prefer a bath, though I usually only have time for a shower.

  11. Ruth Harwood says:

    Definitely prefer Shower xx

  12. claire blaney says:

    For me is A relaxing bath

  13. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Shower for me – a bath is a bit exposed

  14. Helen Stratton says:

    Bath 🙂

  15. kim plant says:

    bath is more relaxing x

  16. Rhi says:

    Baths win every time, hands down 🙂

  17. Maxine G says:

    a bath with lots of bubbles!

  18. kim neville says:

    A nice hot relaxing bath

  19. miss lucy higgins says:


  20. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I prefer a shower

  21. Jo m welsh says:

    A shower

  22. Kathy Cakebread says:

    I prefer baths

  23. Anthony Harrington says:

    shower! much quicker

  24. Maxine G says:

    Definitely prefer a lovely hot bubbly bath!

  25. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Mostly a shower, but a bath is relaxing as a treat

  26. lynn heath says:

    A shower, I never have the time to lie in the bath!

  27. Anthony Harrington says:

    shower! no time for baths these days!

  28. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Still shower

  29. Laura Pritchard says:

    A lovely hot bubble bath!

  30. Corinne Peat says:

    I love a nice warm shower

  31. Jayne T says:

    I like baths.

  32. Jennifer Toal says:

    Prefer a bath when I have plenty of time usually it’s a quick shower

  33. Susan Hunt says:

    A Shower for speed.

  34. sandra ralph says:

    i prefer a bath

  35. Helen Swales says:

    I love a shower for quickness but I do love to relax and soak in the bath once a week.

  36. Sarah L says:


  37. Events Williams says:

    I’ve only got a shower but do miss relaxing in a bath

  38. janine atkin says:

    i lovea quick shower in the morning and a nice long hot soak in the evening

  39. CJ Smith says:


  40. Tamsin Dean says:

    definatly bath

  41. Jayne T says:

    A bath.

  42. Sheila Reeves says:


  43. Jessica Powell says:

    a shower x

  44. Liz Briggs says:

    I prefer a shower x

  45. aaron broad says:

    Showers are the best

  46. Lisa says:

    A bath – and it needs to be a long, hot one!

  47. tracey morgan says:

    Definately a shower

  48. tina edwards says:

    i love a long hot bubble bath for relaxing but never feel as clean as when taking a shower so i always shower after a bath!

  49. Rachel Craig says:

    Bath, as I enjoy a nice soak in warm water :- as it eases aches etc.

  50. Solange says:


  51. Julia Hourican says:

    Shower 🙂

  52. jen morgan says:


  53. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Shower to wake me up, bath to relax

  54. aaron broad says:

    I prefer a shower

  55. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    a bath in the winter, a shower in the summer, but if I had to choose I would say shower.

  56. Michelle Banks says:

    definitly bath

  57. Fiona R says:

    Love a bath on the rare occasion I get the chance to have one 🙂

  58. aaron broad says:


  59. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    shower! i have no time for baths! thats the other halfs and my daughters thing!

  60. Pauline Wilson says:

    Bath (with bubbles)

  61. rachael jess says:

    Shower for mornings to wake up to, but baths every time for relaxing

  62. MichelleD says:

    A Bath

  63. Vicky Lewis says:

    Bath! With the spa jets on and lots of bubbles.

  64. Monika S says:

    prefer bath but because of lack of time I only shower

  65. julie booth says:

    a lovely bubbly bath

  66. emma falvi says:

    it would have to be a bath

  67. Kat Lucas says:

    I prefer a nice hot shower

  68. lisa baker says:


  69. Andrea A says:


  70. Julie Ward says:

    Chill out in the bath with some smellies

  71. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    Bath, so relaxing

  72. Julie Ward says:


  73. Katherine Coldicott says:


  74. Karen R says:

    I much prefer a shower

  75. Joanna Butler-Savage says:


  76. Claire Ward says:

    Love a soak in the bath

  77. Hannah Ingham says:


  78. Kim Styles says:


  79. Marrian says:

    A shower for general washing but a bath for relaxation,

  80. Gwyn Sharps says:

    I prefer a shower for every day, but love a soak in the bath for a bit of pampering.

  81. stephen holman says:

    Shower – just for the convenience !

  82. Patricia Avery says:

    A bath, but sadly as we are on a tight budget and a water meter it is a once a week treat…….just like it was when I was little in the 1950s in a tin bath in front of the fire! Luckily we now have a shower as an alternative 🙂

  83. Jane Middleton says:


  84. Diana says:


  85. Ellen Stafford says:

    I love to relax in the bath

  86. Natalie Gillham says:

    Bath 🙂

  87. elaine stokes says:

    A bath

  88. Allan Fullarton says:


  89. Miss Janet Carter says:


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