How to Plan the Perfect Bathroom Layout

When planning a new bathroom the first thing you need to identify is your exact requirements and just want you want to achieve. It’s always a good idea to think about who will be using the bathroom as this will affect the layout. A busy family bathroom requires plenty of storage space, as well as easy access to the bath so you can bathe young children, while a shower room can have a more minimalistic approach.

How to plan the layout

When planning the layout of your new bathroom first draw a scale plan of the space and include windows and doors, then cut out shapes for the toilet, basin and bath and if there’s enough room a separate shower enclosure. Experiment with various positions for the different items until you find a layout that works ensuring that there is enough space around each of the fittings. It’s also a good idea to think about how the layout would work with more than one person at a time in the bathroom.

Seek expert advice

Seeking expert advice from a plumber or builder ensures that your bathroom layout is practical and achievable. They will be able to assess your home’s water pressure and any other plumbing issues too. Hiring a bathroom designer if budget allows means you can get the best possible advice and be aware of the latest products and trends, as well as finding solutions for more awkward spaces.

Bathroom layouts

Over bath shower

For those who have a small bathroom installing a shower over the bath or opting for a shower bath means that you won’t have to sacrifice on either, and it’s a great way to save space. If fitting a shower over the bath make sure to install a bath screen to protect the room from splashes of water. Installing an electric shower is a good idea and provides hot water on demand; a shower head on a flexible hose allows for much easier cleaning around the bath.

Separate bath and shower

If you have the space installing a separate bath and shower enclosure is a definite must. A quadrant shower enclosure fitted into the corner helps to make the best use of room or if you want added wow factor consider a walk in shower enclosure. If there’s space at the end of the bath build a stud wall and use it to form one side of the shower enclosure. Double basins make a very practical addition and help to ease the morning rush, just make sure there is enough elbow room.

Create a focal point with a freestanding bath

A freestanding bath in the centre of the bathroom provides a stunning focal point. Freestanding baths are available in compact sizes too, which is perfect if space is tight. It’s always a good idea to check the floor joists can take the weight of a freestanding bath, especially if you want a cast-iron or stone bath.

Acrylic and steel baths are lighter and provide a practical option. Why not consider creating a feature wall behind the freestanding bath to really draw attention to it? You could use mosaic tiles or decorative wallpaper.

Shower room

If you don’t have the space for a bath, create a shower or wet room instead. With the water draining away through the floor, a wet room looks sleek and stylish, but it can be a big task to take on as the whole space needs to be tanked. Install a wet room glass screen to protect towels and loo roll from getting covered in water every time you shower and opt for wall hung fittings for a cleaner finish.

If you don’t fancy the idea of a wet room you can still achieve a very minimal look with a low profile shower tray and a frameless enclosure. Install electric underfloor heating to ensure the floor dries out quickly and to add a feeling of luxury too.

Top tips

  • Make sure to contact your local council’s planning department if there are alterations to the soil stack.
  • Visit planningportal.gov.uk for guidelines on how to comply with Building Regulations.
  • You will need to install an extractor fan if your bathroom doesn’t have a window.
  • Get advice from an electrician about bathroom lighting as the correct IP rated fittings must be chosen for the different zones of the room.


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