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Bathroom Colour Schemes – Five of the Best

The bathroom should be one of the few places in which you can switch off, escape and unwind, so choosing a bathroom colour scheme that helps to enhance the feeling of serenity and calm needed to chill out properly is essential. In this

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Ten Shower Room Ideas

Creating a new shower room can be a challenge, particularly if you are an incredibly lazy man like I am and especially if space is limited. However, if planned and designed correctly and installed to a high standard, a new

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How to Make Bathroom Design Easy

Designing a new bathroom may seem complicated, and with so many different aspects to think about from plumbing to tiling and accessories it can feel like a minefield. But with careful planning and some inspiration bathroom design can be made

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What to Consider Before Fitting a new Bathroom Suite

If you’re thinking about installing a new bathroom suite in the new year there are some things that you should take into consideration. Make sure to read our handy guide first before ripping that old suite out.

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A Guide to Replacing your Bathroom Suite

Knowing the best way to replace your bathroom suite can be a challenge, and it can be tricky deciding where to start, so here’s step-by-step guide on how to replace your bathroom suite.

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Designing a New Bathroom – Part One

Check out this two part guide to designing a new bathroom.

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