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10 Supremely Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Clean Even Though It’s Probably Not

The summer hols are almost upon us! Whoop-dee-doo! But with the breaks from work and school and a few weeks off from the normal everyday swing of things, it doesn’t mean that everything else just stops. You still have to

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How To Create A Winning Family Bathroom

Busy family bathroom

Besides the kitchen, a large family bathroom is likely to be the most used room in a family home. But with towels thrown everywhere, damp clothes strewn across the floor and those annoying bits of dried up toothpaste all around

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30 Bathroom Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Every now and again, a friend comes over and tells you this really strange hack that actually works: ‘When you’re cooking, put the wooden spoon in the hole of the pan handle’ ‘Place a rubber band around an open tin

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Is Fitting a Bathroom Suite a Professional or a DIY Job?

Installing a new bathroom not only requires time and patience, but enough DIY knowledge and the right materials to achieve a professional finish. A lot of self-builders and renovators opt to fit a new bathroom suite themselves, while others who

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Ten Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a new bathroom can be a challenging experience, and it’s always a good idea to plan well in advance. Here are ten bathroom mistakes to avoid when planning and designing. Not enough budget

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