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10 Supremely Simple Ways to Make Your House Look Clean Even Though It’s Probably Not

The summer hols are almost upon us! Whoop-dee-doo! But with the breaks from work and school and a few weeks off from the normal everyday swing of things, it doesn’t mean that everything else just stops. You still have to

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Bathroom Colour Schemes – Five of the Best

The bathroom should be one of the few places in which you can switch off, escape and unwind, so choosing a bathroom colour scheme that helps to enhance the feeling of serenity and calm needed to chill out properly is essential. In this

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Ten Point Check List for a Bathroom Renovation

Refurbishing the bathroom can be an exciting challenge, especially when deciding on the look that you want to create. But it can also be also be a daunting experience as there are some important factors that need to be considered

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How to Profit from your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to buying a new property the bathroom is now a deciding major factor, and many home buyers rate it as only second to the kitchen.

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