A family bathroom needs to have a sense of organisation as well as fun too, which is a must if you have young children. Here we share ten of the best family bathroom ideas.

Clever storage

white gloss vanity unit

The family bathroom will most likely be used by several people, so storage is the key to managing clutter and for creating an organised space. Vanity units offer a great way to ensure your family bathroom looks neat and tidy as well as drawers units and open shelf units too, where each person can have their own shelf or drawer.

Double up on basins


Make a family bathroom work harder by fitting two basins. Having two basins in the bathroom helps to ease the morning rush hour, and adds a touch of luxury.

Utilise the wall space

Hanging laundry bags from a rail will keep your bathroom floor clutter free and you can keep everything in order by assigning a small laundry bag to each member of the family, which is ideal if you lack the floor space for one large basket.

Waterproof radio

Including a waterproof radio in your family bathroom will make bath time more fun for children and you can even sing along to your favourite tunes when cleaning!

Double ended bath

double ended bath

Double ended baths not only create a modern look to the bathroom but offer a practical and comfortable bathing experience. A double ended bath has a central tap location, so you can bathe at either end without any taps getting in the way, plus it’s easier to wash two kids at once.

Add patterned wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper provides an ideal way to add a sense of fun to the bathroom and creates a more interesting space. If you have a small bathroom, wallpaper with a bold pattern will make an impact, just make sure that you don’t hang wallpaper near to the shower.

Create interest with artwork

Displaying artwork in the family bathroom creates a cheerful feature and you could even frame and group drawings done by family members for a more personal touch.

Display bathroom essentials

Storing essentials such as soaps and cotton wool in large, decorative glass jars adds an element of fun and inexpensive everyday products can be transformed when displayed in quantity.

Make the most of the bathroom door

The back of the bathroom door offers a fantastic storage solution. Hanging a soft string bag from a hook provides an easy way to store any clutter and if you have the space you could put up a row of hooks for towels.

Colourful towels

John Lewis pure cotton range towels

Bright towels are perfect for jazzing up the family bathroom and you can assign a different one to each family member. This way everyone will know which is theirs.