Ten Hotel-Spa Bathroom Ideas

A hotel-spa bathroom can easily be created in any shape or size of room, and will provide your home with a stunning focal point. Hotel-spa bathrooms are all about achieving a calm and restful atmosphere, a place where you can retreat to after a long day and truly relax and unwind. Here are ten hotel-spa bathroom ideas.

1. Choosing a neutral colour scheme and natural materials such as stone, ensures that your hotel-spa bathroom feels calm and relaxing.

2. A freestanding bath creates a beautiful focal point, as well as providing you with an indulgent and relaxing soak.

3. Bathroom furniture such as a wall-mounted vanity unit will not only appear very stylish, but will ensure that you have somewhere to store toiletries away out of sight for a clutter free look.

4. Create the illusion of more floor space with a wall-mounted basin or toilet, this will not only create a clean, minimal look and feel to your hotel-spa bathroom but means that your floor will be much easier to clean.

5. A countertop basin is ideal for creating a hotel-spa bathroom, but for a more luxurious feel install two next to each other on top of a piece of bathroom furniture such as vanity shelf.

6. Wall-mounted taps provide a much neater finish and enhances the look of your hotel-spa bathroom.

7. If you love to shower rather than bathe a walk-in shower enclosure will look ultra-modern in your hotel-spa bathroom. Walk-in showers feature plenty of showering space and have minimal styling.

8. A shower panel is perfect for an invigorating showering experience and will provide the perfect spa-like touch to your bathroom.

9. An illuminated bathroom mirror helps to complete the look of your hotel-spa bathroom, as well as providing you with essential illumination too.

10. Finally, don’t forget to accessorise with candles and fluffy towels, plus create a warm and welcoming feel with a heated towel rail or designer radiator.


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