Top Energy Saving Tips for the Bathroom

With winter fast approaching now is the perfect time to ensure your home including the bathroom is as energy efficient as possible. There are various ways you can make your bathroom more efficient, which in turn helps to reduce energy bills, while protecting the environment. Check out these top energy saving tips for the bathroom.

Reduce your water usage

Leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth wastes a lot of water, which not only leads to higher water bills, but is harmful to the environment too. So, when brushing your teeth always turn off the tap.

Manufacturers now offer water saving taps, which feature a special cartridge that allows you to select a full or a 50% flow rate to reduce the amount of water you use even further. Sensor taps are ideal for saving water too as they only work when your hand touches or moves over the sensor to operate the flow of water.

When flushing the toilet, the water has to be purified and then pumped round again, which can waste water and energy. Most modern toilets have a dual flush cistern allowing you to select a reduced flush to help save water. If you have an old toilet place a brick in the cistern, which takes up space; this reduces the amount of water that’s required to fill it.

Have a shower instead of a bath

Filling the bath with hot water takes up a lot of energy, and having a shower instead not only reduces the amount of water you use, but uses around 20% of the hot water that’s required for a bath, meaning lower energy bills, as well as carbon emissions too.

Fix those leaking taps

Leaking taps should be fixed as soon as possible; a tap that constantly drips can waste enough water to fill half a bath in one week. Make sure that taps are turned fully off and fix ones that leak straight away. Leaking taps are usually an indication that a washer needs replacing.

Replace halogen lamps with LED spotlights

If you have halogen lamps in your bathroom they will be consuming a lot of energy, but by replacing them with energy efficient LED spotlights it ensures lower electric bills. They can also reduce your energy usage by up to an incredible 80%!

Loft insulation

Making sure that your loft is well insulated can significantly help to reduce your electric bills by up to 25%, as most of the heat in your home can escape through the roof. A properly insulated roof means you can enjoy the feeling of a warmer bathroom space.


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