Top Reasons to Choose a Handheld Shower Head

With the average person taking approximately 28,000 showers in a lifetime it’s important to choose the right shower to suit your requirements. Opting for a handheld shower head ensures that you get the most from your showering experience as they can easily be removed to allow you to direct the spray of water just where you need to.

Handheld shower heads and slide rail kits are available in a variety of designs to complement every style of bathroom. A handheld shower head is connected to a long flexible hose that’s attached to a slide rail kit, which allows you to easily adjust the height of the shower. A handheld shower can also be easily replaced without the need for any extensive refurbishment.

Here are five top reasons why you should choose a handheld shower head.

Easier cleaning

A handheld shower head on a flexible hose allows you to easily rinse around your shower enclosure or bath after each use, which ensures that your shower or bath is kept looking sparkling. Also, when it comes round to your weekly clean a handheld shower makes it far easier to spray down the walls before scrubbing and then rinsing them clean afterwards.

Create your perfect showering experience

Compared to a fixed shower head, a handheld shower head provides more comfort and flexibility as most feature a range of spray patterns including massaging options to help ease away aches and pain, as well as softer spray options to leave you feeling relaxed.

By allowing you to direct the water just where you need it a handheld shower head can greatly improve your everyday showering experience, meaning you don’t need to worry about rinsing shampoo out of long hair or finding dried soap scum in those hard to reach areas, which can be difficult to keep clean with a fixed shower head. When you do need both of your hands free a handheld shower head can easily be placed back into the holder on the slide rail.

Keep your kids and pets clean

A handheld shower head can also be used to keep your dog or other pet clean at home, rather than taking it to a groomer, which means you can save money. A handheld shower with a range of spray patterns helps you to concentrate the water exactly where you need it.

A handheld shower head also allows you to easily rinse your kid’s hair, as well as being simple for them to handle and control on their own too.

User-friendly design

Handheld shower heads are great for people of all ages, but are particularly beneficial for the elderly or for those who have limited mobility, as they can be adjusted to a height that is right for you, unlike a fixed shower head. The long, flexible hose featured on this type of shower head is very convenient for those who use a shower seat when showering.

A handheld shower head can also help the elderly or disabled to keep part of their independence without the need for assistance, as well as providing a safe and accessible showering experience.

Save water

A fixed shower head can use a large amount of water, but by opting for a handheld shower you can help reduce the amount of water you use by directing the water exactly where it is needed.

Some handheld shower heads feature a shut-off switch on the handle so you can easily turn of the the water flow when shaving your legs for example, this provides a great way to reduce water usage further. Some also have a ‘low-flow’ feature that reduce the amount of water but without compromising on your showering experience, this type of handheld shower head has an aerator that adds air to the water spray to increase pressure but using less water.


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