Every now and again, a friend comes over and tells you this really strange hack that actually works:

‘When you’re cooking, put the wooden spoon in the hole of the pan handle

Place a rubber band around an open tin of paint to wipe your paintbrush’

‘To heat two bowls in one microwave, stand one on an upside-down cup

Freeze grapes to chill white wine without watering it down’

It blows your mind… you can’t believe you didn’t think of it… you wonder if everybody knows and then you wonder how they even managed to figure it out.

We’ve all been there.

Well, prepare to impress your friends because we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest bathroom hacks you need to know right now. Bathroom trips will never be the same!


  1. Use a ladder as a towel rack.

    Particularly useful for those people who rent and can’t put holes in the wall. The shabby chic theme and upcycling ladders into towel racks are bang on trend right now, too. Don’t forget to get your art-hat on and paint it to match your décor.

    DIY Ladder Towel Rack

    Image: https://lovegrowswild.com/2014/06/diy-blanket-ladder/

  2. Blocked toilet? Don’t have a plunger? No worries?

    Add a few drops of washing up liquid and some hot (but not boiling) water. Fill the toilet with the hot water. Leave for a few minutes and the solution should have broken the clog up.


  3. For moderately clogged drains or toilets, drop in a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets (or hangover tablets to you and me) followed a cup of white vinegar.

    Wait a couple of minutes and then follow with some hot water. Instantly unclogged drains! Find out how here

    Alka Seltzer can help unclog toilets

    Image Courtesy of Spencer E. Holtaway via Flickr CC

  4. In 1992, a study found that British public toilets were voted among the worst in the world and we don’t disagree.

    Blocked loo’s, dirty floors and broken doors all create the uninviting atmosphere that is the public lav. The weight of a bag hung from the inner corner of the door, however, can keep the door shut solving one of those little inconveniences.

    Hang bag from the inner corner of a door to close

    Image: https://www.viralnova.com/17-brilliant-bathroom-hacks/

  5. Got kids?

    Install a slide away step at the bottom of your bathroom vanity/sink/pedestal to give your little people an extra few inches to help reach the basin.

    Kids Bathroom Slide Away Step

    Image: https://www.kidspacestuff.com/blog/2011/10/kid-friendly-bathroom-safety-features/

  6. For those pesky aerosol cans that leave rusty marks on your tiles or surfaces, paint a layer of clear nail polish to the bottom rim of the cans.

    This will prevent rust forming and leave your surfaces looking shiny, brand new. How’s that for a bathroom hack?!
    Use nail varnish on deodorant

  7. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time.

    How? Put a few drops of essential oils onto the cardboard tube of your toilet roll. Simply repeat the process when you move to your next roll! Choose a scent that is pleasing and not too overpowering though; vanilla, rosemary or lavender oils are great choices. Each time the toilet roll … well, rolls…the fragrance is released.

    Toilet Roll Paper Air Freshener

    Image: https://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Scent-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Essential-Oil-32376451

  8. For tough soap scum on your glass shower doors, run over them with some fabric softener sheets.

    And don’t worry about using up your brand new ones. Old and used sheets work just as well. Find out more uses for your dryer sheets here.

    Uses for everyday things like dryer sheets

    Image: https://www.listotic.com/60-new-uses-for-everyday-items/19/

  9. To ensure your toilet brush stays fresh simply pop a little bit of cleaning solution in the bottom of the holder.

    Simple and hygienic! Read more tips on cleaning your toilet brush holder here
    Toilet Brush Holder

  10. Ever wanted to remove eye make-up naturally? Well now you can.

    All you need is coconut oil and cotton pads. For extra protection, add a drop of lavender oil too.

    Make your own makeup remover

    Image: Courtesy of Stanislav Istratov via Flickr CC https://500px.com/photo/94502671/remove-by-stanislav-istratov

  11. Continuing on with the lavender oil theme; putting a few drops of the essential oil in mascara can make eyelashes look longer, thicker and healthier in just a few weeks.

    And don’t just take our word for it; check out this post from Surviving the Stores.

    Lavender Oil in Mascara

    Image Courtesy of Jenn Durfey via Flickr CC

  12. When cleaning the lav, a little petroleum jelly around the edge of your plunger will help it to stick firmly.

    It will give firmer grip and suction power. For the guide, click here


  13. For unsightly bruises, rub some mouthwash (containing alcohol) onto the bruise.

    Then, after a couple of days the bruise should have disappeared and you will be back to looking brand new! For more incredible uses for your household mouthwash, read this great guide.
    Heal bruises with mouthwash

  14. Ladies, have you got a pair of shoes that are completely ruining your precious feet?

    Fear no more. Spraying or rubbing deodorant around the sides of your feet can help to prevent blisters as it acts like a barrier between your shoe and the skin. And that’s not all deodarant can be used for! Find out more here
    Use deodarant to stop shoes rubbing

  15. Similarly, rubbing petroleum jelly on those parts of your feet made painful by shoes can also help to alleviate the pain.

    Perfect for when you’re on the go! In fact, petroleum jelly can be used for loads more stuff! Here are 16 practical uses.
    Put petroleum jelly on sore feet

  16. Shaving cream.

    Typically used for shaving (obviously!) but it has heaps of other uses outside of the bathroom including getting make-up stains out of your clothes. The cream acts as a clarifying agent and will help to break down the stain before placing your clothing in the wash. Watch this handy video guide here

  17. If you need to revive your bathroom towels, don’t reach for the washing powder.

    Run them through the washing machine once with hot water and a cup of vinegar, then again with half a cup of baking soda and hot water for renewed, invigorated towels!
    bathroom towels

  18. This bathroom hack has been doing the rounds but we’ll include it for anyone who hasn’t heard yet (that being said, where have you been?!).

    To get rid of calcium deposits or soap build up on your chrome fixtures or shower faucets simply clean with lemons and baking soda.
    clean with lemons and baking soda

  19. Save loads of scrubbing time by getting a magic eraser.

    It does so much that we couldn’t possibly go into it all in this post! Check the reviews out for yourself.

    Magic Erases

    Image: https://blog.warnersstellian.com/tag/mr-clean-magic-eraser/

  20. A magnetic strip attached to the wall holds all your fiddly bits.

    Kirby grips, nail scissors, nail clippers, tweezers… you name it, if it’s small and metal it should hold. And it also means you’re not running around in a blind fury looking for the essentials before an impromptu night out. It’ll save you time and it’ll save your blood pressure!

    Magnetic Bathroom Strips

    Image: https://sprwmn.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/2-minute-bathroom-organization.html

  21. Speaking of magnets, why not go one step further and make a magnet board?

    By attaching small magnets to each of your make-up items, you’ll easily be able to stick these to the board and actually know where each item is…all the time! Plus, you can hang the magnet board on a wall or on the inside of a cupboard.

    DIY Magnet Board

    Image: https://laurathoughts81.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/make-up-magnet-board.html

  22. Clothes going bobbly? Not a problem. This bathroom hack will sort that right out!

    All you need to do is run a razor over any jumpers or cardigans and soon enough your clothes will be de-bobbled and de-pilled! Velcro rollers also work equally well in this instance (and are probably a lot safer!).
    Debobbling and depilling jumper

  23. It’s so annoying when the mirror fogs up in a warm bathroom.

    Well, to prevent this from happening simply wipe down the mirror with a bit of shaving cream (told you it had other uses!) and it will stop it from clouding up.
    Prevent mirrors from fogging up

  24. So you’ve got a bucket and mop to do a spot of cleaning.

    You need to fill said bucket. Only it doesn’t fit in your sink. The solution? Use a clean dustpan to fill it up. It all makes perfect sense!

    Fill a bucket with a dustpan

    Image: https://lifehacker.com/5876167/use-a-dustpan-to-fill-containers-that-dont-fit-in-your-sink

  25. Let’s face it. Most of us have sooooooo many towels. And nowhere to put them.

    Easy peasy. Install multiple shower rods to the back of the bathroom door. Practicality and style combined.

    Install shower rods to doors for extra storage

    Image; https://www.marthastewart.com/275378/25-bathroom-organizers/@center/276989/organizing

  26. Upcycling was definitely the ultimate interior fad of 2014.

    What’s more is that it really helps the environment by encouraging us to reuse and rework our dormant household items. For a super simple shelf, repurpose old spice racks to hold all those essential products and toiletries. Or give your old CD rack a new lease of life by transforming it into a handy storage container.

    CD Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Image: https://storagegeek.tumblr.com/

  27. Didn’t get that speaker that you so desperately wanted for Christmas? Relax!

    All you need is the cardboard from your toilet roll and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a makeshift speaker.

    Make a speaker from toilet roll

    Image: https://snapguide.com/guides/make-an-iphone-speaker-for-free/

  28. Attach a small (but sturdy) shower rod inside a cupboard.

    Then, simply hang your spray bottles from the rod and you’ve even got space left over to pop some products underneath. Ultimate space saver.

    Shower Rod Under Sink

    Image: https://www.jenthousandwords.com/2010/09/under-my-sink.html

  29. If, like most of us, you struggle to find space for your (read: significant other’s) countless bottles, lotions and potions then just secure an extra shower rail parallel to the current one.

    Hang small baskets and fill with toiletries. Job done.

    DIY Bathroom storage hacks

    Image: https://www.woohome.com/diy-2/30-brilliant-diy-bathroom-storage-ideas

  30. And finally! For those hazy, cloudy car headlights don’t bother buying those expensive kits from the motor shop.

    Apply some toothpaste to some old towels, scrub your headlights and before you know it they’ll be gleaming.
    Use toothpaste on car headlights

Now that you’re a pro at the bathroom hack way of life, you’re never going to want to leave. And if you’ve got any more bathroom hacks we’ve missed out then be sure to let us know! We love ‘em!

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Happy Hacking!