Basin Taps – How to Choose the Right Type for your Bathroom Sink

When it comes to bathroom design, the basin taps can easily get overlooked, but it’s definitely worth taking your time to find out which ones will work the best with the style of the space and suit your requirements.

Whether you are revamping the entire bathroom or simply making some smaller changes, the taps you choose for the basin can make a difference to the end result. So, it’s worth doing your research, as the right choice will ensure your taps will last you for years to come.

Check the water pressure

Before buying new taps, it’s important to check the water pressure in your home is sufficient enough for the taps you would like to purchase. Basin taps and bath taps all have different specifications, and making sure the water pressure is best suited to that particular tap is essential for ensuring the best possible performance.

Bathroom taps – which style?

From the sleek and contemporary to the elegant and traditional, bathroom taps come in an array of styles. When choosing new basin taps, it’s a good idea to choose a design that’s in keeping with the overall style of your bathroom.

If your bathroom features traditional elements, it’s a good idea to choose taps with cross-head handles, or if your bathroom has a clean, minimalist design, then opt for a wall mounted basin tap to enhance the look further.

Waterfall taps are a popular option for modern bathrooms, and are great for adding a spa-style touch.

The majority of basin taps feature a chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any bathroom décor. It’s easy to clean, durable and timeless. If you’re after something a bit different, taps in a black or white finish are perfect for creating a designer look.

Types of bathroom basin taps

As well as choosing a style, you will also need to decide on the best type of tap for your basin. Here’s a rundown of the various types of basin taps:

Pillar taps

Available in modern and traditional designs, pillar taps are supplied as a pair, and consist of one tap for the cold water and another for the hot water. They can feature cross-head or lever handles, and are for use with a basin that has two tap-holes.

Monobloc basin taps

Monoblock basin taps are designed for use with sinks that have a single tap hole. They feature a single spout that delivers a mixture of cold and hot water. The flow and temperature of the water is controlled by an easy to use single lever handle. This type of tap is available in a variety of modern designs.

Basin mixer taps

A basin mixer tap is similar to a monobloc tap; it delivers a mixture of hot and cold water through a single spout, but has separate controls instead of a single handle. This type is available in both modern and traditional designs.

Wall mounted basin taps

A wall mounted basin tap is a great option for creating a neat, streamlined look. This type of tap is mainly used with a countertop basin that does not have any tap holes. Wall mounted taps are difficult to install compared to a monobloc tap, so hire a plumber if you lack the DIY skills.

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