The bathroom should be one of the few places in which you can switch off, escape and unwind, so choosing a bathroom colour scheme that helps to enhance the feeling of serenity and calm needed to chill out properly is essential.

In this blog we share five of the best bathroom colour schemes and some of our favourite and most useful tricks and tips that are sure to inspire you to battle your way to tranquility.

bathroom colour schemes

Regardless if you’re creating a new bathroom from scratch or updating it with a fresh lick of paint, it’s certainly worth taking your time on researching different bathroom colour schemes.

How To Choose A Bathroom Colour Scheme

Although there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom, there are still a few things that you should take into consideration.

The shape, size and layout are all important, but light is the one element to consider carefully, as it can contribute to how colours appear more than anything else.

Before deciding on a final colour scheme it’s a good idea to test selected paint colours in the bathroom and see how they look at different times of the day.

Five bathroom colour scheme ideas

pastel colour scheme


Calming pastels

Most bathrooms receive little or no light, so ensuring you decorate accordingly is key. Soft, neutral colour palettes work beautifully in bathrooms that don’t have a natural source of light, and help to enhance a sense of space. Pastel colours such as pale greens and blues are perfect for creating a timeless elegance in traditional bathrooms – Queen Victoria would be proud!


Greenwich Loft Studio





Vibrant mosaics

Introducing bright colours doesn’t mean that you have to be restricted to contemporary styles. Mosaic tiles provide an ideal way to add subtle colour to your bathroom without being too overpowering. Mosaic tiles are available in an array of sizes, shapes and colours, and they can be used to create an eye-catching splashback behind the basin or a stunning statement in the shower or bath.



Granley Deco



Classic monochrome

Always a classic favourite, a monochrome colour scheme never goes out of fashion, and suits both traditional and modern bathrooms. Black and white can be introduced in a variety of ways, such as with tiles, wallpaper, paint, towels and bathroom furniture. A black gloss vanity unit is perfect for adding a touch of designer style, while white gloss finishes help to enhance a sense of space. You could even add a pop of colour with vibrant accessories




Bold colours

If you want to add some serious style to your bathroom suite, then why not create a feature wall?

Painting a wall in a bold colour such as pink or lime green provides maximum effect with minimum effort. If you’re painting a feature wall, choose the plainest wall – preferably without windows or a door – though the cloakroom suite below breaks those rules and still looks stunning .

stylish cloakroom suite

You can also inject some style with patterned wallpaper, which can help to make a small bathroom look bigger. Just remember to choose the wall that’s least likely to come into contact with water.

Natural colours and textures

Bathroom furniture with a wood finish such as walnut or oak provides the best way to introduce natural colours and textures into your bathroom, and creates a sense of warmth and luxury too.

For a look of laid-back sophistication, opt for natural shades with grey undertones, which have great subtlety.

Top tips

  • Consider the period of your property, as this can influence your choice of colour.
  • What colours are you comfortable with? Take a look at your clothes, fabrics, furniture and even the car to help you make a choice.
  • Avoid using too many colours as this can distract from what you’re trying to enhance.
  • Opting for a monochome colour scheme can make any visual faults appear less obvious if you bathroom has an irregular shape.
  • Don’t be scared of using bright or bold colours in the bathroom, as it’s a great way to create an individual look. For example, dark blue is perfect for creating a luxurious and contemporary feel to the bathroom.

All the best of luck finding the right colour for your bathroom suite. Why not let us know how you got in below?

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