When designing a new bathroom it’s essential to incorporate storage so you have somewhere to keep toiletries and other items hidden away. From vanity units to mirrored cabinets and drawer units, there are many storage solutions available to suit any bathroom, small or large, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something perfectly suitable. But how do you go about selecting the right bathroom furniture? We uncover all you need to know to help you choose the perfect storage solution for you.

Bathroom furniture ideas

modern bathroom furniture

Before choosing bathroom furniture, you should take the style and the size of the space into consideration. Deciding what you need to keep in the bathroom on a daily basis will help you choose the most suitable storage solution. It’s a good idea to have a good sort out and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in ages. Keeping clutter hidden away will ensure your bathroom remains calm and ordered.

If your bathroom is small, there are plenty of compact vanity units available that will help maximise space. But if you’re lucky enough to have the space, you could fit a double vanity unit for a luxury his-and-hers look.

Bathroom furniture options

mirrored cabinet

Vanity units are a popular storage option as they combine a sink and drawers or a cupboard into one space saving unit. They come in a wide range of sizes, designs and finishes such as white gloss and oak to suit any bathroom. Wall mounted vanity units are great for small bathrooms as they help to enhance a sense of space, while floor mounted designs incorporate more room for toiletries, making them better suited to a busy family bathroom.

Mirrored cabinets are another stylish and practical storage solution. These are usually fitted above the basin to ensure your bathroom essentials are kept close to hand. To ensure a coordinated look, choose a vanity unit and mirrored cabinet from the same collection.

Other storage options include drawer units and cupboards, which are ideal for storing spare loo roll, towels and cleaning products. You could even assign a drawer to each family member so that they have their own separate storage space for their own toiletries or beauty products.

Bathroom furniture styles

vanity unit

Modern and traditional are the most popular bathroom furniture styles. One features clean lines and minimal looks, while the other has more decorative details. Both styles can make a statement in your bathroom, all you need to do is decide which you prefer.

Modern bathroom furniture is ideal for those who want to create a sleek, minimal look. This style typically features a glossy finish in a range of colours such as white, black and grey. Most units have soft closing drawers without handles for a neater finish.

Traditional bathroom furniture is usually freestanding and sits slightly off the floor on four feet. Colour-wise you can expect to find subtle tones such as ivory and natural wood effects such as oak. Doors and drawers are usually panelled and feature chrome or brass handles.

Bathroom furniture colours

black gloss vanity unit

There’s many options available when it comes to furniture colours, whether you want something neutral or bold, there will be something to suit your requirements.

A white gloss finish is a popular option for creating a smart, modern look, and you can easily add pops of colour with towels and accessories.

Wood effect finishes such as oak, beech and walnut are ideal for adding classic style to your bathroom.

Bold colours will create a contemporary bathroom look. Black and grey gloss finishes are perfect for adding a designer touch to the space, while a bright splash of colour will add a sense of fun to a family bathroom.

Freestanding or fitted bathroom furniture?

fitted bathroom furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture offers a space saving solution for smaller bathrooms. The units can be fitted on the floor against the wall or raised up on the wall. Fitted furniture is available in variety of sizes and styles, and is ideal if there’s limited floor space. If you want to create a run of units along a wall, then you must choose cabinets that all have the same depth. This adds a streamlined feel to your bathroom and creates plenty of storage space too. Fitted units typically include vanity base units, cistern base units, as well as drawer, cupboard and laundry basket units.

traditional freestanding vanity unit

Freestanding bathroom furniture means you have the flexibility to move it to wherever it’s most needed. A great option for making a statement, freestanding furniture is better suited to a spacious bathroom. A freestanding vanity unit usually features an inset basin, and has plenty of room to store all your bathroom essentials.

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