A small bathroom may reduce the amount of storage space you have for all those bathroom essentials, but there are actually plenty of clever ways in which you can maximise a compact space when it comes to storage.

Make the best use of available space


In a small bathroom space is at a premium, so you need to make the most of what’s there. Bare spaces offer an opportunity to add storage to your bathroom, but be careful not to include storage in every single nook and cranny as this can make the room look cluttered; not a great look for a small bathroom!

With some clever thinking you really can make the best use of available space. So, instead of wasting valuable space under the sink fit a vanity unit that doubles up as both a basin and storage. Vanity units are available in wall-mounted and floor-standing designs, as well as an array of sizes and finishes.

You don’t have to install a cabinet or vanity unit, shelving creates storage for toiletries, and console units with drawers provide a practical solution, you could also place some wicker baskets under the sink. We especially love the Grey Split Willow Baskets from Dunelm Mill, which start at just £2.99!

If you have enough room at the end of the bath consider fitting a storage rack that will hold everything you need when soaking in the bath, while glass jars are ideal for cotton wool etc.

Make use of wall space by fitting some hooks or a towel rail, and see if you can add some storage to the back of the bathroom door.

Bathroom cabinets

bathroom cabinet

One of the most obvious bathroom storage ideas is to fit a mirrored cabinet on the wall, ideally above the sink. Mirrored bathroom cabinets provide a fantastic way to keep toiletries close to hand and save space.

Available in a huge variety of designs and sizes, some mirrored cabinets even incorporate LED lighting, shaver sockets, demister pads, motion on/off sensors and digital clocks to make your morning routine easier than ever.

You should take the size of the cabinet into consideration too, which will all depend on how much available space there is. There’s no point in opting for a large cabinet if it takes up half of the wall!

Tall vertical wall-mounted cabinets are another great storage idea for small bathrooms, and could just be the solution that you’re looking for.

Clear out that clutter

There’s no point in keeping old toiletries in your bathroom that you don’t use, as they just clutter the room up. So, have a good sort out and throw anything out that you know you’re never going to use, as well as anything that’s out of date.