Choosing a radiator is far from a simple task – it usually represents a significant investment, and so is not a decision to be taken lightly. Therefore, the purchase of multiple heating solutions is even less straightforward, but by choosing CheapSuites radiators, you can greatly simplify the process. Discount radiators are available at great value prices for the kitchen, bathroom and any other area of a home in a wide range of designs, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect option to improve your chosen space.

Finding the right bathroom radiators

bathroom radiators

In what will be a recurring theme of this article, finding the right bathroom radiators will often depend on the size of the space. For a smaller bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, a wall-mounted horizontal radiator is certainly a viable option, sure to maximise space and provide a sleek, compact look. Another factor to consider is the amount of people who use the bathroom; large families will require plenty of dry towels ready for use, so a streamlined heated towel rail may prove the best choice in such instances.

For a bigger bathroom, there’s obviously more scope to install larger radiators, though that’s not necessarily the way to go just because your space allows for it. A slimline vertical radiator will add modern designer style to any bathroom, but you’ll need to think carefully about the finish, ensuring it aligns with your existing decor. Striking black and white finishes have risen in prominence, but you really can’t go wrong with chrome – it is guaranteed to mesh well with practically any surroundings, and enhance the appearance of both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Finding the right kitchen radiators

kitchen radiators

More and more, kitchens have grown to become a focal point in modern homes, and are ever increasingly used as a social hub rather than merely a place to cook tea or make a brew. And whilst the oven, grill and/or hob will likely make this area the warmest in your home, an extra heat source is still a good idea, especially during the colder winter months.

Again, the size of your kitchen will influence your eventual decision, as will the layout of the area. Many contemporary kitchens feature long, thin flooring immediately surrounded by cupboards and other fixtures, so even if the kitchen is large, it can be difficult to shoe-horn extra elements in. Therefore, slimline kitchen radiators are well worth considering in rooms of this kind – perhaps a stylish vertical design can deliver beautiful symmetry to the likely thin wall space at the end of the room.

For kitchens with more of an open-plan layout, you’ll need to play particularly close attention to your radiator’s BTU output, as it will need to spread warmth across a larger surface area. A freestanding horizontal radiator could prove the best option, though there are plenty of wall mountable radiators for sale that would also suit such a space, provided they were positioned on the opposite side to the oven or hob.

And though perhaps less conventional for a kitchen, heated towel racks could provide just the right amount of warmth needed for the space. Typically featuring an attractive streamlined design, towel rails will definitely provide the necessary aesthetic appeal for a kitchen, and as an added bonus, will help keep your kitchen towels toasty warm and ready for use at any time.

Finding the right radiators for a living room

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The living room is where most of us will spend most of our time at home, so it is imperative that the space is kept comfortable and warm, no matter whether you’re having guests over for drinks or simply unwinding in front of the TV after a long day at work. And as well as having a warm and inviting lounge or living room area, you’ll also want the room to exude style and attain a homely feel – the addition of discount radiators from CheapSuites can help you to achieve both.

Vertical radiators deliver an eye-catching look whilst maximising space in a living room, and modern designs especially will tend to offer impressive outputs that can easily heat the entire area.

For an enhanced performance, you can position your chosen CheapSuites radiator underneath a window; draughts from outside will meet with the warm air provided from the radiator, and be distributed throughout the room via natural convection. Of course, this works with horizontal radiators too, but many people are rightly reluctant to position furniture near to their living room window because of its potential to block natural light. And you should never place your furniture in contact with a radiator.

As such, horizontal radiators are a far less popular choice for a living room, but depending on the layout and decor of your space, there are still some suitable options to be found that can enhance a lounge area.

Discount radiators throughout the home

As well as the main areas of a home, the likes of corridors and hallways are other spaces often adorned with radiators, and available wall space will usually dictate the best type to choose for such areas. It’s quite simple – select vertical radiators for thin, tall walls and horizontal radiators for wider walls that may not necessarily be quite as high.

Ultimately, you can find an ideal option for anywhere in the home within the full range of CheapSuites radiators for sale – choosing the best one will depend on the style and ambience of your space, in addition to its layout and existing decor. Browse a tempting collection of discount radiators that are sure to improve your home online with CheapSuites.

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