With careful planning and attention to detail you can create your ideal family bathroom, which works well for everyone. A good starting point is to think about how you use the room and how many of you use it, and have a look around for inspiration in showrooms and magazines to help you in creating your family bathroom.

monochrome colour sheme

Decide what you would like to include in your family bathroom, if you have young children why not choose a double-ended bath that will not only provide you with a luxurious soak, but allows you to wash your kids easily too, you could even place a child at either end of the bath without worrying who will get the end with the bath taps.

Double ended baths

double ended bath

Double-ended baths have become a very popular choice for a new bathroom as they provide a more stylish alternative to the standard, single-ended design. A bath shower mixer to complement  your new double-ended bath is a definite must, as not only will it make washing your kids hair easier but you can clean around the bath more effectively too.

Shower enclosures

shower room

If you have enough space in your family bathroom install a shower enclosure, as this will provide a better alternative than having the shower over the bath. Having a separate shower enclosure allows you to get ready easily, especially on busy mornings.

A stylish walk in shower is a great option for a family bathroom as they provide a spacious showering area and easy access and are easy for an older child to use. For a smaller family bathroom that doesn’t have the room for separate shower and bath, a shower bath is the ideal solution, so you can combine both showering and bathing in the same space.

Vanity units

red gloss vanity unit

Family bathrooms require plenty of storage to create organisation and a neat, tidy space. A vanity unit which combines a sink and storage underneath will make a useful addition to any family bathroom, so everyone can keep their toiletries hidden from view for a more streamlined feel. Make sure that any medicines are kept out of reach of young children by installing a cabinet high up to prevent any accidents.

Heated towel rails

heated towel rail

To complete the look of your new family bathroom make sure to install a heated towel rail to provide you with warm towels on those chilly winter mornings, and to transform your family bathroom in an inviting space.