Bath screens are a great alternative to shower curtains, which can make a bathroom appear cluttered and grotty. Bath screens are a fantastic way to provide your bathroom with a neat, streamlined appearance and will also prevent your bathroom from getting covered in water every time you take a shower or bath.

bath screen

Bath screens are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit every type of bathroom and they can even provide a stylish feature.

Pivot bath screens

Pivot bath screens are a really popular choice and will suit any bathroom design scheme, they are also ideal if you want to create a neat finish to your bathroom. Pivot bath screens are available in a variety of shapes including straight, curved and sail, some bath screens include a handy towel rail on the outside of the screen so your towel is within easy reach.

A pivot bath screen is fixed to the wall and features a single panel of glass, they can also be framed or frameless if you prefer a more minimalistic look. The Sail bath screen with rail has a sleek, modern design and will help to transform the look of your bath creating a stylish focal point, this bath screen also features 5mm toughened safety glass to ensure peace of mind when bathing or showering.

Folding bath screens

Folding bath screens feature a convenient design which can be folded right back when they are not in use to create a neat, minimalistic look to your bathroom and to allow for easy access in and out of the bath. Folding bath screens can include a number of panels ranging from two to seven.

Sliding bath screens

Sliding bath screens are divided into two panels which slide back and have a neat, simple design to provide a tidy look. Shower bath screens are specifically designed to fit the curved shape of a shower bath to form an enclosed showering area and feature a pivoted design, there is also the option to install a second pivoted door so the space for showering is fully enclosed.