Check out this two part guide to designing a new bathroom.


When planning a new bathroom every aspect needs to be considered carefully, from the layout to the fixtures and fittings, to the flooring and lighting, this is not only so you can make the most of the available space, but it will really help to sell your house if you ever wish to move in the future.

Accurately measure the bathroom

Before buying any new products for your new bathroom make sure that you accurately measure the space and always check your measurements as every bit counts. By budgeting appropriately and making sure you get expert knowledge you can really achieve your perfect bathroom. It’s also a good idea to make a list of everything that you don’t like about your existing bathroom and how you would like to change it.

Always include a bath


If you ever wish to sell your home in the future it’s always a good idea to include a bath in your new bathroom as this will always be more attractive to potential buyers. If you have enough space make sure to include a separate shower enclosure, but if your bathroom is on the small side install a shower over the bath, and opt for a bath screen instead of a shower curtain for a neater finish.

Make the most of the space

wall mounted basin

Make the most of the space you have by installing double sinks, this will not only create a more luxurious look but will add some wow factor for future buyers. If you have a small bathroom you can still create a stylish and practical space, make sure to choose space saving products such as a short projection or wall hung toilet and a compact basin, which will really make a big difference.

You can also make a small bathroom feel more spacious with clever use of lighting and a large mirror, as well as light colours and reflective surfaces.

Include storage

vanity unit

Always include some storage in your new bathroom, this is so you can store any toiletries away out of sight for a neat and tidy look. Vanity units are ideal as they combine a sink with integrated storage underneath; opt for a wall-mounted version to enhance a feeling of space.

Hire a professional

To ensure that your new bathroom looks its best, as well as providing trouble-free use, and that it lasts well into the future it’s always worth hiring a professional bathroom fitter, plumber and electrician to carry out all the installation work. By compromising on the installation, anything that goes wrong by attempting it yourself, can prove to be costly to put right.