Breathing a new lease of life into your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank; in fact you can do it on a tight budget without compromising on style. These stylish, yet cheap bathroom ideas are perfect for updating the most used room in your home.

Fresh coat of paint

basin and toilet

Nothing brightens up any bathroom like a fresh coat of paint. Why not be daring by painting a feature wall in a bold colour such as lime green or bright blue for a whole new look?

New towels and bath mat

colourful bathroom

If your bath mats and towels are looking worse for wear, then it’s definitely worth investing in some new ones. If your walls are a neutral colour consider choosing bright towels for a pop of colour. For a spa-style touch place a small stool in the corner of the bathroom and place a stack of towels on it.

Get rid of clutter

bathroom storage

Clearing surfaces works wonders for making the bathroom look fresh and clean. Get rid of any toiletries that haven’t been touched in any ages, and clear out any junk that you just don’t need in the bathroom. Any cleaning products should be kept in the kitchen under the sink.

If you lack storage space fit a new vanity unit or a mirrored cabinet, and keep your bathroom essentials hidden away from view. Wicker baskets provide a cheap storage solution too; why not assign one to each member of the family so they can keep their toiletries organised, ideal if you have kids.

If the surfaces around the bath or shower are full of shampoo bottles and shower gel, fit a shower caddy to tidy them up.

New taps and shower

basin tap

Fitting new taps and a shower provides a great way to bring any bathroom right up-to-date without having a complete overhaul.


bathroom accessories

Another inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom is to add some new accessories. For example you could fill a glass bowl with water and add some floating candles to it when you’re relaxing in the bath.

If you love the coastal look why not frame some holiday snaps of the beach and hang them in the bathroom, and fill a glass jar with shells. You could also fit some interesting hooks for your new towels.

Replace the shower curtain

bath screen

Replacing the shower curtain with a new one or a bath screen provides a really easy and affordable way to create a new look.

Give the bathroom a deep clean

bathroom cleaning tips

Make your bathroom sparkle by giving it a deep clean, we have some handy cleaning tips in this blog.

Bathroom wall stickers

Instead of painting the walls or choosing patterned wallpaper why not experiment with bathroom wall stickers for an interesting feature? We have found some great ones at which will stick to any smooth, non-porous surface such as painted walls, glass, tiles and furniture.