The majority of bathrooms aren’t blessed with bags of space, and it can be tricky knowing how best to make your room appear bigger than it really is. Read on for some handy advice on maximising floor space with wall mounted furniture and fittings.

Maximising floor space

wall mounted basin

Wall mounted bathroom items such as vanity units, basins and toilets provide the best solution for creating more floor space in your small bathroom or cloakroom suite, which helps to make the room look bigger than it really is. Fitting wall mounted items also ensures that your bathroom floor will be far easier to keep clean compared to floor standing versions.

Wall mounted vanity units are not only perfect for creating the illusion of more floor space, but provide you with somewhere to keep all your toiletries stored away out of sight for a clutter free look. Wall mounted vanity units are available in an impressive range of styles and sizes to complement and enhance the design of your bathroom or cloakroom suite.

Advice on fitting a wall hung toilet

Wall-hung toilet

Wall hung toilets provide a great way to create an ultra-modern look with clean lines and there are many designs available to choose from. But, before fitting a wall hung toilet make sure to check if the wall is solid, if it is then you’ll need to create a false wall, this is where the concealed cistern and support frame will be installed.

A false wall provides a great way to create extra storage space in your bathroom by adding in niches for decorative objects or candles for example, you could also fit downlights to create a stylish feature too.

Alternatively, if the wall your wall hung toilet is going to be installed on isn’t solid then it’s possible that there could be enough space to fit the concealed cistern and support frame directly into the wall cavity. The support frame for the wall-hung toilet transfers the weight of the toilet to the floor and surrounding joists, this means that the wall doesn’t need to be strengthened.

Keeping the existing location the same for your wall hung toilet will always be easier than moving it to a new space, if you are going to move the location of your toilet than it’s advised that you don’t move it any further away than one metre from the the soil stack. When installing your wall hung toilet it’s important that the concealed cistern and pipework can be easily accessed in case of any blockages for example.