Decorating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, and it provides the perfect way to instantly update the space, which is great if you’re on a budget. Read these useful easy decorating tips that are sure to inspire you.

Install a vanity unit

vanity unit

Replace an old sink with a new vanity unit to add instant style to your bathroom. A white gloss vanity unit helps to create a fresh, modern look. Add some pretty accessories such as decorative soaps or smellies to complete the look.

Alternatively if you have an old storage cupboard think about painting it in a white eggshell colour and install a countertop basin and tap on the top, which is perfect for creating a country-style look.

Add extra storage

If you have a wall-mounted basin make the most of the free floor space by placing a wicker basket underneath to store toilet rolls or spare towels and toiletries. Wicker baskets are also ideal for putting on an open shelf unit to help create a more organised look to your bathroom. Why not allocate each member of your family with their own basket?

Panel the bath

Instead of spending money on a new bath why not remove the old panel and fit tongue and groove panels for an instant country look to your bathroom. Paint the panels in a light blue colour for a calm and restful feel.

Tongue and groove can be painted any colour which is great if you want to add extra interest and depth to your bathroom. The colour can be changed whenever you want if you wish to create a different look to the room.

Add bright pops of colour

colourful bathroom

Introduce bright pops of colour to your bathroom to brighten the space up for a quick and easy update. Bright colour can easily be added by choosing some new towels, bath mat and accessories or by simply painting the walls.

Choose a high-gloss white finish

Opting for new furniture with a high-gloss white finish is a fantastic option for a small bathroom, as it can really help to open-up the space. A white gloss finish bounces the light around helping to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. By keeping the wall tiles a neutral colour it allows you to easily change the accessories for an instant update.