Five Quick and Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Ideas

The bathroom often gets neglected when it comes to updates and makeovers, but it’s one of the rooms in the home that needs it the most.

Bathrooms get used by the whole family and they can be costly when they need refurbishing. To ensure that the most used room in your home stays fresh and welcoming check out these quick and inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas.

Clear that clutter

Having a good declutter in your bathroom really will make a huge difference. If you have any toiletries that you haven’t used in ages throw them out and only keep what you need on a daily basis.

Keep essential toiletries in a vanity unit or a mirrored cabinet so they’re close to hand. If you can’t afford a vanity unit or a new cabinet opt for inexpensive wicker storage boxes or baskets instead.

Fresh coat of paint

A new coat of paint can work wonders in the bathroom, and it’s an easy way to freshen up the space without splashing the cash. Neutral colours are a great choice for the bathroom or opt for a colour that will complement the tiles. When choosing paint make sure it’s suitable for use in the bathroom.

Change the shower curtain

Or, even better replace it with a bath screen. It doesn’t take much for a shower curtain to get old and dirty, and even when it has been washed it never quite looks the same.

Replacing the shower curtain with a new one provides a very simple and quick way to makeover your bathroom, but if your budget can stretch a bit further fit a bath screen instead. A bath screen can transform the look of the room and create a bright, airy feel.

New taps

Worth splashing a bit more money on, new taps can bring your bathroom right up-to-date. When you’re choosing new taps for the bathroom, opt for a style that will stand the test of time. Bathroom taps are available in an array of designs to suit all tastes ranging from chunky modern styles to sleek, minimal creations.

Open spout taps are perfect for creating a spa inspired look, while crosshead taps are ideal for achieving a timeless bathroom.

New mirror

Fitting a new mirror or mirrored cabinet offers a great way to makeover your bathroom and it doesn’t take a lot of time to install one. If you have a small bathroom a large mirror helps to create a sense of space. A mirror or mirrored cabinet with lights will draw attention to the basin area.


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