Creating a new cloakroom suite provides a great way to provide your home with an extra room that has a toilet and basin, which not only helps to free up the main family bathroom on those busy weekday mornings but creates a selling point if you ever want to move home in the future. Here are five reasons why you should create a cloakroom suite.

Add extra value

stylish cloakroom suite

If you’re looking to move home now or in the future, a well designed cloakroom suite can help add that bit of extra value, as well as create an attractive selling point for potential buyers.

When planning a new cloakroom suite make sure that you’ve accurately measured the available space and double check the measurements as every little bit counts, especially in a small space. Also, carefully think about the look you want to create ensuring that it fits in with the style of your home. Choosing the right products can really make all the difference.

Improves the functionality of your home

A cloakroom suite greatly improves the functionality of your home helping to ease pressure on the main family bathroom, especially on busy weekday mornings when everyone is getting ready at the same time. Installing a downstairs cloakroom suite is also useful for any guests visiting meaning that they don’t have to venture to the main bathroom upstairs. So, a cloakroom suite will make a practical addition to your home.

Can be fitted in the smallest of spaces

wall mounted basin

If planned and designed well a cloakroom suite can be installed in the smallest of spaces and you really don’t need a lot of room to be able to fit in a toilet and basin. Cloakroom basins now feature more compact dimensions than ever before to make the best possible use of space.

Cloakroom basins are available in a wide variety of styles including modern and traditional, and can feature a full or semi pedestal. Wall mounted basins are ideal for a small cloakroom suite as they can maximise floor space providing the illusion of a larger room. A wall hung toilet is ideal too and makes cleaning much easier. Also, look out for toilets with a short projection to help create a more spacious feel.

Wide range of compact storage solutions

compact vanity unit

Installing a vanity unit in a cloakroom suite is now a very popular choice as it provides a great way to create a neat, clutter free space, which helps to make the room appear bigger. Vanity units including wall mounted and floor standing designs are available with compact dimensions so you can easily make the best use of space as well as a clean, modern look.


Creating a new cloakroom suite doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to achieve an ultra-modern look and there are plenty of affordable, high quality basins, toilets and vanity units available that will look great well into the future.

There are even compact heated towel rails available at great prices that will complete the look of your new cloakroom suite.