Traditional bathrooms feature a timeless quality that will never go out of fashion, and will always remain a favourite classic.  If planned and designed well a traditional bathroom will look great in any size of room, and is the perfect style for creating a cosy and inviting space.

traditional bathroom

In this blog we share some top tips for creating a traditional bathroom.

  • A freestanding roll top bath is the perfect choice for any traditional bathroom, and with two main lengths available including 1700mm and 1500mm, even the more compact bathroom will have enough space for this style of bath.
  • If you have a bathroom with lots of space why not install the bath in the middle of the room, which will create a very beautiful focal point.
  • For a more luxurious feel opt for a freestanding slipper bath, this features one end which is at a higher level than the other, with the bath taps at the lower end.
  • Take care if you have young children as traditional freestanding baths feature exposed pipework.

classic basin and toilet

  • When choosing a toilet and sink for your traditional bathroom opt for a period design and look out for details such as a ceramic lever to operate the flush.
  • A high level toilet will make a fantastic addition to any traditional bathroom. High level toilets feature a cistern which is installed high up on the wall and is connected to the pan with a long flush pipe; a long pull chain provides the perfect authentic traditional touch.

traditional bath shower mixer

  • The right taps can make a big difference; opt for a classic crosshead design to enhance the traditional style. A bath shower mixer which has a traditional design perfectly suits a freestanding roll top or slipper bath.
  • A heated towel rail with traditional styling will not only look great but will create a warm and welcoming feel to your traditional bathroom.