Using vibrant colour in the bathroom helps to liven you up at the start of the day, and create a look that’s full of character. Bright splashes of colour really help to add extra depth and interest to the space, and provides a bolder alternative to neutral colours. Here are some top tips and advice on how to add colour to the bathroom.

bathroom colour schemes

Your choice of colour for the bathroom all depends upon the mood that you want to create. If you want to add drama opt for strong shades, for an invigorating feel choose fresh colours and for something more relaxing go for warm tones. It’s a good idea to buy some tester paints to see how they look in your bathroom.

Bright bathroom furniture

red gloss vanity unit

Using colour in the bathroom doesn’t mean that the entire space has to be full of vibrant hues, which can look over the top if not carefully considered. Instead introduce blocks of colour by installing a vanity unit in an eye-catching red or purple gloss finish. Bathroom furniture is now available in an array of colours ranging from orange to lime green so not only can you create a striking focal point you can add a sense of fun too, which is perfect for a family bathroom.

If you have existing wooden furniture it can easily be painted in a shade of your choice for an easy and affordable bathroom update. If you want to add a sense of drama look out for black gloss vanity units. Painting a feature wall in a tonal shade or in the same colour as the bathroom furniture really adds impact to the room.

Create a feature wall


Rather than paint the whole bathroom, use a single block of colour instead, so for example you could paint one wall a bright colour or add vibrant mosaic tiles to the shower or bath area to really draw your eye to it. You can even introduce colour to the windows by choosing blinds or shutters, which are available in an array of shades.

Opt for coloured tiles

walk in shower

Tiles come in a whole variety of shades and add an injection of colour to your bathroom. If you have a limited budget think about just tiling the area above the basin or in the bath and shower. Patterned tiles are becoming a very popular option as they help to add depth to the bathroom. Ideal for floors and walls, patterned tiles look great used across the entire room, in blocks or as a splashback or border. You can even add pattern with wallpaper and towels too.


John Lewis pure cotton range towels

If you don’t fancy the idea of having permanent bright colour in your bathroom then choosing towels, bath mats, accessories and shower curtains still allows you to easily work the colour trend and can be changed whenever you wish.