Choosing the right colour scheme for your new bathroom can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel, and is one of the few places where you can escape and unwind.  When planning and designing a new bathroom take your time choosing a colour scheme. Here’s some useful advice on how to add interest to your bathroom with colour and texture.

Braver colour choices

bathroom colour schemes

Homeowners are becoming increasingly braver in their bathroom design schemes and more people are now introducing bolder colours into the bathroom as well as interesting textures too, mainly through the use of bathroom furniture, accessories and tiles, which is a great way to add extra interest to your bathroom space.

There are a range of factors that affect your choice of colour scheme such as the size and layout of your bathroom, as well as the overall style of your home too.

Creating a calm and relaxing bathroom

bathroom suite

Many bathrooms receive little or no natural light so it’s important that to choose the right colour scheme. Soft, neutral colours are ideal for bathrooms with little natural light as they help to enhance a feeling of space and create a brighter appearance too. If you have a traditional style bathroom pastel colours such as pale green or blue are ideal and are perfect for creating a timeless elegance.

Vibrant colours


Introducing vibrant colours into your bathroom provides a great way to create a sense of fun. Mosaic tiles are ideal for creating a vibrant splash of colour to a modern bathroom and can provide an eye-catching feature.

Mosaic tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are perfect for creating a focal point such as a statement backdrop in your shower area, or as a splash back around your basin.  For an ultra-modern look and a striking contrast consider opting for bright coloured mosaic tiles alongside a white basin and toilet.

Monochrome colour scheme

monochrome colour sheme

A monochrome colour scheme is ideal for creating a classic look and feel to your new bathroom, this could be through the use of black and white tiles or even a black gloss vanity unit. Black and white provides a neat, crisp feel but make sure you introduce soft lighting and reflective surfaces to help create a sense of warmth. Introducing a bright colour into a monochrome scheme through the use of bathroom accessories or towels adds extra interest.

Creating a bold statement

Creating a feature wall with a striking wallpaper design is perfect for an eye-catching focal point and adds depth and interest to your bathroom. Think about opting for a bold design to add a sense of drama and luxury. Make sure to choose wallpaper that’s suitable for use in the bathroom.

Natural textures

walnut vanity unit

Including natural textures in your bathroom can create a feeling of warmth and luxury. Vanity units with a walnut or oak finish are perfect for achieving this look and feel, and ensure that your bathroom looks neat and tidy too.