Making over your bathroom can be expensive, and a new bath can easily eat into your budget. When shopping for a new bath, you’ll find that it can be one of the most costly fittings for your bathroom. Luxurious freestanding baths will set you back a significant amount, but if you want to revamp your bathroom or you just want to simply update an old bath, you will most likely be working with a limited budget.

A new bath doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and there are plenty of options available if you are renovating your bathroom on a tight budget. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new bath but don’t want to splash the cash, then make sure to follow our top tips.

Choosing the right bath

modern bathroom design

When shopping for cheap baths online, you’ll find a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. But just be aware that the cheapest baths don’t always include essential extras such as the panels, waste and taps, so make sure to factor these items into your budget.

It’s important to choose a bath that suits the design of your bathroom and your requirements. There’s no point buying the cheapest bath you can find, as it may not work with your lifestyle, so opt for one that is best suited to your needs, and then factor in the cost.

If you have young children, you will want to pick a bath that allows you to easily bathe them. If you prefer showers but still want the option of enjoying a relaxing soak, then a shower bath may be the best option for you. It’s essential to find the right bath that serves the correct purpose before looking at the cost.

Types of baths

bathroom suite with corner bath

There may be plenty of cheap baths to choose from, but make sure that you don’t compromise on quality. Even though you will save money to begin with, the cheapest bath could be a poor fit, which could lead to water-ingress and leaks, and this could end up costing you more in the long run – not what you need when you’re on a limited budget. A bath that combines quality with excellent value for money is the best option.

You should also take the style and size of your bathroom into consideration when choosing a new bath. An acrylic double ended bath (where the taps are in the middle) is great for creating an ultra-modern look, and it allows you to bathe comfortably at either end too. If you have a small bathroom, there are baths that measures just 1500mm in length to maximise your space. Always accurately measure your bathroom and double check the measurements to be on the safe side.

Straight acrylic baths are the most affordable, and come in a wide range of sizes to suit any space. It’s a good idea to check the thickness of the acrylic, as this is an indicator of how durable and robust the bath is. Baths made from cheap acrylic are more prone to cracks and leaks, so make sure to bear this in mind.

Corner baths are another good option, and are perfect if you want to create more of a luxury look without spending a fortune. Available in a range of sizes, a corner bath provides a comfortable bathing experience.

Shower baths are ideal if you can’t afford a separate bath and shower enclosure, as well as for small bathrooms too. A shower bath features one end that’s wider than the other, which ensures a more comfortable showering experience. They come in two main styles including p-shaped and square. You may need to buy the screen and panel separately to complete your shower bath installation.

Freestanding baths are the most expensive option and are more suited to larger bathrooms. If a freestanding design is part of your dream bathroom plan, make sure to shop when the bath sales are on, as you could end up picking up a bargain!

Essential items for your new bath

bath shower mixer tap

Once you’ve picked out your new bath, you will need some essential items to add those all-important finishing touches. If you have opted for a straight bath or shower bath, then you will need to buy a front panel to complete it, and an end panel if you aren’t fitting it between two walls. If you plan to shower over the bath, you will require a glass screen to protect the floor from spills and splashes. Finally of course, there’s the bath taps and waste.

From the sleek and modern to the elegant and traditional, bath taps are available in an array of styles. Most baths are supplied without any pre-drilled tap holes, which allows you to choose from many different tap designs such as wall mounted and floor-mounted.

Pillar taps (separate hot and cold taps), deck mounted bath fillers and bath shower mixer taps are the most popular as they are easy to install and budget-friendly. All taps are made from brass with a durable chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any bathroom décor.

Waste wise, there’s standard plug and chain wastes and pop-up bath wastes. For a modern look, choose a pop-up waste.

Discount bathroom suites

bathroom suite with bath, toilet and basin

Discount bathrooms suites are a great option for those wanting to renovate their entire bathroom but without spending too much money. Buying a complete bathroom suite package can be cheaper than buying items separately and it also ensures a coordinated look. A bathroom suite typically includes the bath, basin and toilet. Some even include the taps, wastes and bath panels.

Bathroom suites come in both modern and traditional styles to suit any home, so you can easily create a look you’ll love.

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