How to Choose a Disabled Toilet

When designing an accessible bathroom there are many things to take into consideration, such as the available space and making sure you choose the most suitable items such as a specially designed disabled toilet. Not to mention the right style of basin, taps and other accessories such as grab bars. So, it’s no wonder that things get soon get a little confusing. To help make things easier, we’ve created this handy guide on how to choose a disabled toilet, plus tips on how to create a stylish yet functional accessible bathroom.

Which toilet is best for an accessible bathroom?

There are many types of toilet designs to choose from, but which is the most suitable for an accessible bathroom? Ideally a disabled toilet needs to feature a short projection, and a raised pan to be safe and easy to use for those who are less mobile. It should also include a hinged support bar.

Comfort height toilets are a great option as the pan is higher than standard, and there are various styles to choose from.

A short projection is important, as it frees up extra floor space, which creates more turning and manoeuvring room for wheelchairs, or just to allow people to move around without worrying about tripping or bumping into fixtures.

You could also opt for a wall hung toilet, so it can be installed at a height that’s right for you. Wall hung toilets are ideal for creating a smart, modern look too.

The height of the toilet is an important feature, as it needs to be accessible for people moving from a wheelchair and back again.

Don’t forget about the flush button or lever – it needs to be easy to use for those with dexterity problems. Also, the seat should be slow closing, so you don’t need to worry about lowering the seat back down, dropping it and trapping your fingers.

For peace of mind, choose a Doc M disabled toilet that’s approved and meets all current regulations.

What does DOC M mean?

When looking for a disabled toilet or an accessible bathroom, you will most likely have come across the term DOC M – this is short for Document M.

A DOC M pack is a bundle of bathroom products that contains grab rails, wall mounted basin, tap with lever handle, and a disabled toilet for public use. The toilet is up-to-date with the latest public building regulations and is ergonomically designed with a higher than standard pan to ensure maximum comfort for the user. Doc M packs are also perfectly suitable for domestic use.

Tips for creating a stylish and functional accessible bathroom

An accessible bathroom doesn’t have to look cold and clinical, in fact there are plenty of products available that combine style with functionality. Here’s some top tips for creating an accessible bathroom that looks the part.

Single lever mono basin taps

It’s essential that the taps in an accessible bathroom are easy to use. Mono basin taps with a single lever handle are the ideal choice. These have one handle that controls both the flow and temperature of the water, which is much easier to control compared to taps with crosshead handles. They come in a wide range of designs, and feature a chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any décor.

Wall mounted basins

A wall mounted basin provides both a stylish and practical option for your accessible bathroom. With this type of basin you can install it at a height that’s suitable for you. A wall mounted design creates maximum floor space, and allows for easier access to the basin as there’s no pedestal in the way. Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your requirements.

Grab bars

Grab bars are a must-have in any accessible bathroom. Available in a variety of designs, grab bars help those who are less mobile to regain some independence in the bathroom. A number of grab bars will be required, and the height and position of them are important. They are usually fitted close to the toilet, basin, shower and bath.

Showering options

The best showering solution for an accessible bathroom is to fit a walk in shower or create a wetroom. With a wetroom, the space is completely open, which ensures easy access to the showering area. Walk in showers feature a glass panel and a low profile shower tray. They can be fitted into a recess or into a corner, and the entrance can be on the left or right hand side. With a walk in shower, as with a wet room, there’s no door to open or close. The glass panels protect items in your bathroom from getting covered in water.

When choosing a shower, make sure to opt for a thermostatic shower valve, which incorporates anti-scald technology for a safer showering experience.

You could also fit a shower seat to make showering more comfortable. There are many attractive designs to choose from, some with wood finishes for a touch of luxury.

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