From beautiful roll tops to statement contemporary designs, freestanding baths are available in an array of styles, as well as sizes to suit any bathroom. They are the perfect choice for creating a luxury look, and provide a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. But if you’re considering a freestanding bath for your bathroom, there are a few things you need to think about before choosing one. We uncover all you need to know about freestanding baths to help you pick the best type.

What is a freestanding bath?

freestanding bath in modern bathroom with wooden floor

A freestanding bath is a bath that’s been specially designed to stand alone, so you can position it wherever you like in your bathroom. It is finished on all sides, and therefore requires no bath panels to complete the installation. Some freestanding baths sit directly on the floor, and others sit on decorative feet.

What are freestanding baths made of?

Freestanding baths can be made of acrylic, cast iron, stone and resin. Most are made of acrylic, which is the most affordable option. An acrylic freestanding bath is made using two sheets of acrylic that are reinforced and bound together with a polyester casting resin. A thermal vacuum is created between the outer and inner acrylic sheets to help increase heat retention. This manufacturing process ensures a robust and durable construction that will last well into the future.

Freestanding baths – which style should I choose?

freestanding bath in bathroom with wooden floor

Before choosing a freestanding bath it’s important to consider the style of your bathroom – is it modern or traditional? Freestanding baths come in many styles to suit all tastes. If you have a traditional bathroom, you could opt for a roll top bath with decorative feet, or you could choose a bath which features clean, geometric lines for a designer look if you have a modern bathroom.

Measure the space accurately too, and choose the most appropriate size for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, choose a specially designed compact freestanding bath; some measure just 1500mm in length to maximise space. But if there’s bags of space, opt for a large 1800mm bath.

There’s also double ended and single ended designs to take your pick from. Slipper and roll top baths tend to feature a single ended design, which is where the taps are positioned at one end. Double ended baths are where the taps have a central position, so you can bathe comfortably at either end.

Some freestanding baths don’t have any pre-drilled tap holes, and aren’t suitable for drilling, this allows you to choose from wall mounted taps or floor mounted taps.

Where to position a freestanding bath

tear drop shaped freestanding bath in modern bathroom

You can position your bath next to the wall or a window, or in the middle of the room for extra wow factor. The best position for a freestanding bath all depends upon the size and design of your bathroom.

If there’s limited space, by the wall is the most suitable place, but if you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, it really is worth considering installing your bath in the centre of the room to make a statement. If you look at luxury bathrooms, you’ll notice that the bath is almost, always positioned in the middle so that it is the first thing you notice when you open the door. You could even create a platform and install spotlights in the floor around the bath to highlight it.

Freestanding baths also create a spa-like look, and add a sense of luxury and indulgence. They are well worth the investment if you are serious about bathing.

As well as adding an attractive feature to your bathroom, a freestanding bath is also a practical option, as the surrounding space makes it a lot easier to reach into the bath, so you can bathe young children with ease.

Think about storage space

Storage is something that’s easily overlooked when deciding which freestanding bath to choose. You should incorporate storage space so that you can keep your bathing essentials close to hand. If you are fitting the bath close to the wall, then you could fit a shelf or have a niche built into the wall. If the bath is away from the wall, a side table or stool will do the job nicely.

What is a roll top bath?

roll top freestanding bath with towel draped over the top

A roll top bath is where the edges are curved at the top, providing a distinctive rounded effect. Roll top baths are mounted on elegant feet, which are available in a choice of designs and finishes including chrome and white. This style will add a beautiful centrepiece to a traditional bathroom.

What is a slipper bath?

freestanding slipper bath in a traditional bathroom

A slipper bath has one end higher than the other, which creates a slipper-like design. The higher end also provides back and shoulder support for a more relaxing bathing experience. Perfect for creating a vintage bathroom, a slipper bath uses a roll top design and stands on decorative feet.

Modern freestanding baths

Modern freestanding baths come in many shapes ranging from curvy to angular, and are great for bringing designer style to your bathroom. To create a look that flows, choose a bath that matches the shape of your basin and toilet.

Which taps are best for a freestanding bath?

freestanding bath taps in a chrome finish and a traditional design

When choosing a freestanding bath, it’s important to pay attention to the taps. Check whether the bath has any pre-drilled tap holes and if it’s suitable for drilling. If the tap has pre-drilled tap holes or is suitable for drilling, then you can choose from a wide range of deck mounted bath taps or bath shower mixer taps. These are the most affordable option and the easiest to install.

If your bath does not have any tap holes and is unsuitable for drilling, then you will need to choose from wall mounted or freestanding taps. If you are positioning the bath against the wall, you could fit wall mounted taps, but if you plan to install it in the middle of the bathroom, you will need to choose a freestanding tap.

Think about whether you would like modern or traditional style bath taps. The finish is important too. Chrome is the most popular and blends in easily with any bathroom décor, while matt black and white create a chic, designer look.