How to Choose the Right Bath

In this blog we share our expert tips and advice on how to choose the right bath to suit both your requirements and the design of your bathroom.

Baths are available in more designs and sizes than ever before, so regardless of the shape or size of your bathroom you can be sure to find one to perfectly suit the available space.

Not having a bath in at least the main bathroom could put potential buyers off, especially those with young children. Including a bath also creates a relaxing, spa-style ambiance and provides you with somewhere to truly relax and unwind after a long day.

Baths for small bathrooms

Did you know that the average size of the UK bathroom measures approximately 8ft x 6ft and that the average size bath is 1700mm x 700mm? So, it’s quite clear that space can be limited. Manufacturers offer baths that measure as little as 1500mm in length to help maximise space.

Small bathrooms also lack the space for a separate bath and shower enclosure so it makes sense to fit a shower over the bath, rather than try to squeeze in both. Shower baths have been specially designed to combine a spacious bathing and showering area, offering a great way to incorporate the best of both in your bathroom.

Baths for large bathrooms

You may not think that choosing a bath for a large bathroom would be an issue, but actually trying to find the right bath that doesn’t look too strange or lost in the middle of the room can be quite challenging.

If you want to place the bath in the middle of the bathroom, then make sure to opt for one that makes a style statement, such as a beautiful roll top or a stunning contemporary design. Providing an indulgent bathing experience, freestanding baths are available in an array of styles and are ideal for creating a luxury look to the bathroom.

Baths for awkward shaped bathrooms

It’s not just small bathrooms that struggle to fit a standard-sized rectangular bath. Bathrooms with sloping ceilings, low window openings and airing cupboards that remove the corner of the room all require close attention to detail when it comes to choosing the right bath.

Baths that are narrower at one end than the other offer a practical solution for awkward shaped bathrooms, but still provide a comfortable soak.

Corner baths are another solution for awkward shaped bathrooms, and help to make the best use of space. Available in a range of sizes, corner baths add a touch of luxury and feature a spacious bathing area so you can soak in style.


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