Bathroom taps are available in a wide range of designs including sleek, modern styles that are great for creating a minimal look to your bathroom, and there are more traditional styles too.

bathroom tap

There’s a wide choice of different types of taps, which include single lever basin mixer taps, wall mounted taps, bath fillers and bath shower mixers.

With so many bathroom tap designs available it can be difficult deciding which ones to choose, so a good idea is to take into consideration the style of your bathroom and the overall shape of your basin.

If your sink has a rounded design look for taps that will reflect this shape, if your sink has square lines look out for taps with angular shapes to create a look that flows. The majority of bathroom taps have a chrome finish to suit every style of bathroom. Chrome is also easy to keep clean and provides an up-to-date look.

basin taps

The single lever sink tap is really popular as it features one lever that operates both the hot and cold water and is really easy to use. A mixer tap is also popular and comes in a variety of styles including 2-hole, 3-hole and monobloc versions. A mixer tap has a single spout with two levers, one for the cold and one for the hot water so you can mix the water to the temperature you require. A standard pair of pillar taps are for use on a sink that has been pre-drilled with two tap holes and are generally the most inexpensive choice.

traditional bath shower mixer

Bath fillers and bath shower mixers are a great choice as they create a neat finish to your bathroom, and come in an array of designs. If you’re a family with young children a bath shower mixer is the perfect choice as you can rinse kids hair, and around the bath afterwards with ease.

wall mounted bath tap

Wall-mounted taps are the ideal option for creating an ultra-sleek look to your bathroom and provide a very minimal feel. Wall-mounted taps are for use with a countertop sink or for a bath that hasn’t been pre-drilled with any tap holes.