Many of us choose to take a trip to a luxury spa if we want to pamper ourselves, as well as take the strain and stress out of the daily grind. But why visit an expensive spa when you can easily recreate the same luxury in the comfort of your own bathroom?

Avoid clutter

Spa bathrooms are all about simplicity and minimalism, so when choosing a basin and toilet or furniture make sure to opt for wall mounted designs to not only maximise floor space but to add a designer element too.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate storage in your spa bathroom; this could be a vanity unit in a wood finish or white gloss, as well as a mirrored cabinet to keep all that clutter neatly hidden from view. Surfaces that are full of toiletries won’t do anything to help create a calm and restful space.

Box shelves are a great idea for a spa bathroom as they add a designer element and are perfect for displaying accessories and your favourite toiletries.

Top Tip: To enhance the clean lines of your spa bathroom opt for large format tiles on the walls to minimise the number of joints.

Natural materials

The trick to achieving a spa-like bathroom is to keep the look natural and stick to clean, simple lines to enhance a feeling of relaxation. Natural materials such as wood and stone are key elements in a spa bathroom because of their luxuriant finish.

If you don’t have the budget for real stone then you can easily create the look for less with stone and wood-effect ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring, which are both very affordable options for your spa bathroom.

Top Tip: If you feel that stone can look cold then warm it up with a wooden duckboard and rustic accessories for a more inviting feel to the bathroom.

Create a focal point

The bath or walk in shower enclosure will become the main focal point in your spa bathroom, so make a feature out of it by installing it in a prominent position. A freestanding bath will look stunning in the middle of the room if you have the space for it, plus you can be sure to bathe in comfort and luxury. Experimenting with different levels is a good idea too, why not think about having steps leading up to the bath?

If you prefer to shower rather than bathe consider creating a wet room style showering area with a sleek, glass panel and a low level shower tray. Complete the look with a large shower head and body jets for the ultimate showering experience.

Top Tip: Instead of fitting separate storage to the wall, build in niche shelving into a tiled shower area.


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