Besides the kitchen, a large family bathroom is likely to be the most used room in a family home.

But with towels thrown everywhere, damp clothes strewn across the floor and those annoying bits of dried up toothpaste all around the bathroom sink, how can you keep your family bathroom calm, serene and in good order?

Well, we thought we’d put together some tips on how to keep your family bathroom in check, make sure you’re rocking that good look all the time and give you a few ideas on how best to create calm serenity out of what is probably a whole host of chaos!

Busy family bathroom

Busy family bathrooms can be a real struggle in the mornings

Firstly, it’s important to consider how the layout of your bathroom is (or isn’t) already working for you.

If you struggle to grab a cat by the tail and swing it around, don’t worry, because there are loads of cool ways you can change the room to make it work better for your family. If you’re a real dab hand at the old construction side of life, you could make a few structural changes – like stealing a bit of space from an adjoining bedroom or, if you’re unwilling to relinquish that space, raising the window so you can fit a basin underneath.

If you are utterly useless with a trowel and a lump hammer and don’t really fancy any structural changes, you can always make use of some simple yet effective design tricks.

A wall mounted basin or vanity unit and WC can help to create the illusion of more floor space and you could always do away with the radiators and towel rails and go for underfloor heating instead.

Let’s take a look at some other fun tips to make the most of your family bathroom.

Twin Basin Heaven

If you have a big family fighting over who uses the bathroom in the morning then fit two basins rather than one if you have the space – this will not only look supremely stylish, but is a great solution to easing that often stressful early morning weekday rush. Just remember to fit a mirror that stretches over both of the basins, or a mirror above each one, that way (particularly if you have daughters like me) there’s no shoulder barging and jostling for a better view.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tap
Top tip – Using a liquid soap instead of a bar can make life a whole lot easier and distinctly less messy – especially if it’s being used by the little hands of the kids!

Vibrant towels

Who doesn’t want a towel they can call their own? Ok, it may not be on the top of everybody’s wish list, but assigning each family member their own towel is a great way to avoid drama and giving everyone their own hook gives them somewhere to put it too.  A heated towel rail is a great alternative in that regard, and it will add a luxurious touch for all the family and keep towels warm and dry.

Kids Robe and towel hooks.

Top tip – Not everyone can reach the top of the bathroom door, so fit some hooks at a lower level and the kids can easily reach their towels and gowns.

Bath time fun

Phillip & Lena: Montreal, QC

Bath time is fun for babies, toddlers and smaller children, so why not incorporate some waterproof toys into your decor? It’s easier than you think. Store them in a waterproof string bag that you attach to the side of your bath, or make a stand-out feature of them by lining them up along the edge of the bath, a window ledge, or even in a specially designed shelving unit like in the picture.

Tidy Up Those Towels Already

If yours is anything like my family, you’re probably used to dirty towels and laundry being strewn across your bathroom floor and it does nothing for ambience of your space. Make roon for a for a laundry basket and help to keep the mess tidied away, that way, body has an excuse when it comes to tidying up after themselves (me included).

Set Your Sights On Storage

Everybody loves storage! A family bathroom that’s free from clutter adds to the feeling of relaxation you want in a bathroom. A great way to achieve this is by fitting a wall-mounted vanity unit that doubles up as storage and installing a mirrored cabinet too. These not only make the space clutter free, but help to ensure everyday toiletries are easy to reach for everyone and keep cleaning products and medicines out of the reach of tiny fingers.

Storage basin

Storage baskets and boxes are a clever idea too. Slot them into open shelving and allocate one to each member of the family.

It could also be a good idea to box in any pipework and create additional shelf storage – this can be used to display perfume, toiletries or decorative objects like candles, oil burners or whatever you like really.

Choose The Correct Fixtures & Fittings

Choosing the best fixtures and fittings for your bathroom can make all the difference to how it works. As they are easier to operate, basin and bath taps with lever handles are probably more suitable if you are likely to have your hands full with young kids. You can also ensure the controls on the toilet and shower are user-friendly too. A hand-held shower, either as part of a slide rail kit or a mixer tap will provide a convenient way to wash children’s hair; it’ll also come in really handy when you want to wash down the bath and shower enclosure.

If you have the space why not look at fitting a separate bathroom and shower enclosure? A walk in shower is ideal for adding contemporary style to your bathroom space, they’re easily accessible and nice and quick to get in and out of – perfect for that busy family bathroom.

Whether your shower is in an enclosure or over the bath, make sure it’s a thermostatic kind to reduce the risk of scalding yourself and your family.


Top tip – Large double-ended baths with central taps are great for young families as you can comfortably bathe two children at the same time.

Things To Remember

Plan it right, choose the correct products for the space and pay close attention to the little details and you can create a functional, safe and yet stylish bathroom with very little effort.

Keep these key design points in mind:

  • Storage, storage and more storage. Incorporate a vanity unit or a set of cupboards to create an organised and stylish space.
  • If you have young children, consider a larger bath with central tap fixings.
  • Make the most of your floor space with some wall mounted fittings.
  • Easy to clean, waterproof surfaces are a gift from heaven for family bathrooms.
  • Choose products with soft close hinges to prevent accidental bangs and slams.

What do you do to you keep your family bathroom in order? What works for you? We’d love to hear your top tips and advice – why not share with us in the comments below?