Do you have a large bathroom that you would love to refurbish, but not quite sure where to begin? Then this handy guide to planning a large bathroom will provide you with some inspiring ideas.

bathroom lighting

Attention to detail

Just because you have a large bathroom it doesn’t mean that any less planning is required, it’s important that you take into consideration the position of the toilet and sink, and ensure that there’s enough space around each of these fixtures.

Even the simple details such as making sure that your towels are kept close to the bath or shower enclosure are an important element to consider, this will save you from having to walk across the bathroom to get your towel and dripping water everywhere. By ensuring that you group fittings together it means that you can use the extra space to install additional storage such as fitted cabinets or other items of furniture.

Create a focal point

walk in shower

A large bathroom requires a focal point, so think about installing a freestanding bath in the centre of the room for some real wow factor. A large bathroom will also look very modern with double basins instead of just one, as well as adding a touch of hotel-spa style.

Think about choosing wall-mounted pottery for a very clean, minimal look. Having a large bathroom also means that you have enough space to install a separate shower enclosure, why not opt for an ultra-modern walk-in shower enclosure for a touch of designer style?

Bathroom furniture

vanity unit

Bathroom furniture is an important factor in your large bathroom and it ensures that all your toiletries and towels will have their own place for a neat, clutter free look. Think about choosing a tall storage cupboard for storing your spare towels, and you could even include drawer units for any spare toiletries.

Vanity units which include an integrated sink and storage underneath are fantastic too, and all your everyday essentials will be within easy reach.

Final details

basin tap

Details such as a large bathroom mirror with lights and the right style of taps can all go a long to way to enhancing the overall look and feel of your large bathroom.

A large bathroom can be difficult to keep warm, especially in the cold winter months so include a heated towel rail, which provides you with luxuriously warm towels and if you have the budget go all out and have under-floor heating installed to create a very warm and inviting bathroom.