From blocked shower drains to sinks and toilets, the bathroom can often be the site of many plumbing disasters. With a little know-how, most bathroom plumbing issues can actually be solved yourself without having to reach for the phone to call out a professional.

basin and toilet

Here we share some handy tips and tricks on how to tackle some basic yet annoying bathroom plumbing issues.

We all know how important the bathroom is, especially if you have kids, and it’s the only one in your home. Having a fully functional bathroom is essential, so it’s no surprise that if anything goes wrong all hell breaks lose!

Most modern shower enclosures incorporate a waste that can easily be dismantled, and usually there’s a waste trap that can be removed and cleaned. Cleaning trapped hair from the plughole in the shower on a regular basis helps to prevent blockages.

If the drain is blocked in the bath, the side panel can easily be removed to allow access to the u-bend. Once you have unscrewed the u-bend, you can simply remove the blockage.

shower head

The shower head should also be cleaned regularly, especially if you live in a hard water area. If you have a shower head attached to a flexible hose, unscrew it and leave it to soak in white vinegar overnight. The solution helps to remove limescale and prevents future blockages. Use a toothpick or stiff nailbrush to clear loose limescale. If you need to replace your shower head, choose one with rubber nozzles so it’s easier to clean.


Having a plunger to hand is always a good idea, just in case the toilet gets blocked. Plunging provides an easy way to really help shift the problem. Unblocking the basin is really simple too, you can pour boiling water down the drain, or pour bleach down and leave to soak overnight. Why not check out our useful guide on how to unblock a bathroom sink for more tips and tricks?

You should only tackle bathroom plumbing issues that you feel are within your DIY abilities. Basic repairs and updates to taps, pipes and radiators can be tackled without complying with Building Regulations, but you should never attempt to fix the boiler.