Installing a new bathroom not only requires time and patience, but enough DIY knowledge and the right materials to achieve a professional finish. A lot of self-builders and renovators opt to fit a new bathroom suite themselves, while others who aren’t as confident at DIY hire a professional plumber and tiler to take on the task.

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Deciding which option is best for you can be a tricky decision to make, as you will need to know exactly what it involves and most importantly, will it save you time and money?

Why DIY?

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One of the main reasons why people choose to fit a new bathroom suite themselves instead of hiring a professional bathroom fitter is to save money, which makes it a very popular job that is often taken on by a keen DIYer.

Depending on how confident you are at DIY will limit you to what jobs you can take on yourself as some tasks are easier than others. Jobs such as removing old tiles and the basin and toilet can easily be tackled without any professional help, and simple plumbing jobs including connecting waste pipes, as well as tiling are also ideal for DIYers. Keeping the basin and toilet in the same position if you are replacing them will avoid any extra plumbing work.

Things tend to get more complicated when non-standard and expensive fittings have been chosen, and if you have opted for large, heavy stone tiles for the walls you could end up struggling trying to fit them by yourself. The same applies to wet rooms and fitting items such as a whirlpool bath and even spotlights that are recessed into the ceiling.


  • Will save money
  • No time restrictions


  • Will take longer than a professional
  • If any mistakes are made it could be costly

Why hire a professional?

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Hiring the right professional means that your new bathroom is fitted in a quicker amount of time and ensures many years of trouble-free use, as a professional bathroom fitter is equipped with the right amount of knowledge and skills.

It’s always a good idea to get the professionals in if you plan to have a wet room or have opted for non-standard fittings for example.

If hiring a professional get a cost for the whole job instead of agreeing on a daily rate, this helps to prevent costs from spiralling out of control.


  • Quicker installation time
  • If any problems arise a professional will know what needs to be done


  • More expensive
  • You could end up waiting for work to start if you can’t find an available plumber or tiler

Combine DIY with professional input

Combining DIY jobs with professional input provides a great solution for fitting your new bathroom. If you take on more work than you can handle it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Only take on what you are comfortable with such as removing the old bathroom suite and then leave the plumbing and tiling to the professionals.