Creating a bathroom that appeals to young children can seem challenging, but with a little imagination and creativity it’s easy to transform it into a playful space. When designing a kid friendly bathroom, remember to avoid themes as they are expensive to not only create but update too when your child grows up. You should, instead, keep things simple but interesting for little ones by choosing fun accessories, adding bright colour with towels, bath mats and pictures. Read on to discover our kid friendly bathroom ideas.

Make bath time fun

bath time fun

There are a variety of ways to make bath time fun and engaging for young children, for example you could choose colourful or themed bath accessories. One of the easiest to find is Walt Disney’s cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Almost all children are aware of these classic characters even though there’s many more modern cartoon characters around at the moment such as Elsa from Frozen, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory.

There’s an array of Disney themed bathroom accessories to choose from that any young kid will love including bath towels, bath toys, shower curtains and wall stickers. Incorporating these into your bathroom will make bath time easier and much more fun. You can even encourage your child to brush their teeth by treating them to a Disney themed toothbrush!

Another way to make bath time fun is with a bubble blowing bath toy, which will have your little one bubbling over with excitement! The Munchkin bubble blower creates an uninterrupted flow of bubbles, plus the strong suction cups ensure it is securely attached to the wall.

To prevent bath toys from cluttering up your bathroom, it’s a good idea to keep them stored away in a corner bath organiser.

10 of the best bathroom toys & accessories

Add colour & pattern

Animal toothbrush holders

Adding bright colour and pattern to your bathroom will make it more appealing and a fun space to be for little ones. You can add colour with a lick of paint, bright towels, accessories, artwork and even cabinet handles – all of which are easy and quick to change as your child gets older. Wall decals are another kid friendly bathroom décor idea. Why not choose sea life wall stickers for a coastal inspired touch and to inject a splash of colour? Even something as simple as changing the shower curtain for one that appeals to kids can transform the bathroom.

Practical bathroom storage

Bathroom peg board

Photo by William Abranowicz. Copyright 2012. Courtesy of the Martha Stewart Living Organizing 2012 Special Issue

There are many stylish and practical bathroom storage solutions available such as vanity units and cabinets so you can keep toiletries and clutter hidden away. But why not get a little creative and use a peg board in the bathroom to keep bath toys and towels off the floor? You can attach wire baskets and colourful hooks to the board to store toys, hang towels and even toothbrushes. Another inexpensive idea is to upcycle old mason jars into easily accessible storage that can be personailsed for your child’s toothbrush and other bathroom items – although this may be an idea better suited to bathrooms with vinyl flooring rather than hard ceramic tiles.

You could also incorporate storage baskets and drawers to keep toys and personal items hidden away. If you have more than one child, you could allocate them a drawer each or storage area so they can take pride of their own little space.

Remember to keep medicine and other products that could be harmful to children out of harms reach by storing them somewhere separate or locking them away.

Beware of hot water

To prevent young children from burning themselves when bathing or washing their hands, it’s essential to fit anti-scald devices to showers and taps. Thermostatic shower valves and thermostatic bath taps incorporate anti-scald technology to prevent the water from reaching harmful temperatures, so you can wash or bathe your little one with complete peace of mind.

Place a step next to the basin & toilet

child friendly bathroom

It may seem like a good idea to fit a kid-sized basin and toilet, but in reality it’s impractical as children grow and guests may share the bathroom too. When choosing a toilet and basin stick to standard sizes, and instead place a step or stool next to them so young children have easier access. It’s also a good idea to fit a soft close seat to prevent little fingers from getting trapped and to put an end to accidental bangs and slams.

Tough & easy to clean materials

Kids can be rough and the bathroom can easily get messy. Scratch resistant surfaces, washable walls and hard-wearing tiles are all superb options for a kid friendly bathroom. If you’re updating the bathroom, choose durable materials that can handle spills, splashes and stains. When it comes to paint, opt for one that can be wiped clean without actually removing the colour – we recommend Endurance + Matt by Dulux.

We hope you’ve found these kid friendly bathroom ideas helpful! If you have any more tips or tricks, share with us in the comments or @CheapSuites

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